Monday, March 3, 2014

Entry 225: AMNIA CYCLE pages 50,51,&52

We've passed the 50 page mark! 

Let's see, what else do I have to say this week? 

Braeburn is a species of alien I made up in high school. I had a young super hero girl character of the same species. It's fun pulling from past creations. Also, Braeburn's name was inspired by the apple... Zigzag's name is inspired by a dog I met...

None of this is that interesting.

Till next week, friends!

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  1. Wait, this comic is autobiographical?! Is this entire story just a metaphor for your daily life? How many other characters are simply pieces of your lunch you had that day or other people's pets? Is there some code to deciphering what this comic is really about? Maybe it's more straightforward than I realize, Tara goes to Zigzag's house... so in real life you went to someone else's house, who had a dog, and while you were there you ate an apple.

    It's an interesting way to create a narrative. How do you decide what the apple says?

    Also, it's cool to get a little more info on Tara's history. It helps give her and Braeburn more of a real life at the same time, as if they've done other things than simply exist in this particular moment. It also helps remind us that Tara is a capable woman.

    I'll have to go back through and reread the first chapter, but did you ever give us a reason for why she quit being a fighter pilot? I'm assuming it must have been some awful, heavy tragedy, leaving her broken and carrying some soul crushing weight. Perhaps she accidentally killed her own boyfriend when he hijacked an enemy ship after being shot down in a reconnaissanse mission. Oh, and how about he's doing everything he can to get back alive because he's going to propose to Tara. Here's a suggestion- after the explosion and Tara has flown away, or NO, how about just after she has returned to base and Zultan informs her she just killed her boyfriend, you close in on the floating debris of his spaceship and we see the ring he bought her right before his mission floating in space.
    That's your ending right there.

  2. Oh my gawd Dustin, wait!!! Before you write and draw all of that, there's more to her heartbreaking history!

    How about this- The Nuriel and Humans were at an uneasy truce but each side had doubts about the other's continued peace so they were both conducting secret reconnaissance missions to find out what nefarious plots the other side is up to. Hence why Tara's boyfriend, he's name is Bologna, is shot down behind enemy lines. The pressure is on and he must get back not only to propose to Tara, but to prevent the Nuriel from capturing him and shattering the truce. He races back to the Human side of space but Tara is out on a patrol mission and spots his craft crossing the border! Tara puts the pieces together and immediately realizes its a kamikaze attack from the heinous Nuriel, no doubt the pilot intends to fly his craft (armed with hyper mega bombs) into the heart of the human empire, mortally wounding the entire human effort in one swift stroke. Without making any attempts to contact the pilot she springs into action! Tragically, its the one time her astounding fighting skills/instinct backfires on her. Had she only called! Had she only made contact with the pilot to inquire what he was doing violating human air space!
    But it's too late, Tara fires but Bologna is no pushover himself. He dodges the attack but not without sustaining damage to his communication device! Now they can never make radio contact! Just before Bologna is destroyed, he knows the end is coming, and he looks at a picture of Tara he keeps on a lanyard. A tear rolls down his cheek as he closes his eyes and then go to white, cutting out to show the explosion.
    Soon, it's revealed that Nuriel saw Tara blow up a Nuriel ship and they assume the human's have violated the truce and declare war. The human's, unaware yet that Bologna was piloting the Nuriel ship, also assume the Nuriel broke the truce and declare war! It's only learned later that Bologna was returning in the stolen enemy ship but by that point the war has already started.
    The war is all one big misunderstanding and it's all Tara's and Bologna's fault!! Can she write the wrong and find redemption?

  3. Cool to see the Phiarese make their stunning debut. I like Braeburn's costume design. Also, Zigzag seems like a cool character, I like her shadowy design and her performance- she does mild contempt well. I wonder what she smokes?

    1. Yeah, I've been wondering what she smokes too. And how strong it is. Thanks for the comment on Zig's acting. I like her a lot. I think I'm going to have some fun with her. Braeburn is far less cool, but he is a snappy dresser. I'm thinking, his wardrobe will all be inspired by the clothes in Yuichi Yokoyama's World Map Room. There are some real cool clothes in that book.
      And yeah, the Phiarese! It was really fun to draw that design. It feels like a familiar old friend. I think I'll be drawing other Phiarese people in this, so I'll get to explore some different looks for them.