Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Entry 223: NEW AVENGERS 18-19 Covers

I am super good at blogging, guys! How many blogs have I blogged this past week? Like 3 or something? I am blogging it up! I know you are all on Facebook and Twitter acting like stupid idiots, but look at me, blogging it up old school. This is where it's at, man. So, before you go back to tweeting your fool head off, why don't you relax and enjoy the blog.

The New Avengers #18 and 19 have conjoined covers, and you guessed it, they were drawn by me. (Am I becoming a go-to conjoined cover guy? Do not pigeon hole me, comics industry!)

Wanna see my sketch and the colored version? Well here.

As you know, I do these sketches in gray tone like this so that the colorist can see what I'm aiming for as far as lighting and composition. But this time I didn't know who would be coloring these. This was also just before I left to go visit family and I didn't get my sketch to the colorist in time to help him out. So he was on his own as far as how to interpret my drawing. He didn't do to bad a job. Here it is.

Jason Keith on colors.

Okay, now if you guys don't mind I'm going to rush over to Tumblr to see if anyone is liking or reblogging my stuff.

Blogged and blogged


  1. Well, I really like this double cover. They work well both individually and combined. By the way, were you in charge of designing these characters? Do you happen to have those sketchs over there?

    And don't stop blogging!

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding, Pedro. I actually did not design these characters. I think they were designed by Rags Morales. Not sure though.