Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Entry 220: AMNIA CYCLE Chapter1&2 Recap

Next week I will have some new AMNIA CYCLE  pages for you guys. Until then, check out this nifty recap of chapters 1&2.

For the layout of these pages I completely and shamelessly ripped off the recap layout for the Epic Comics AKIRA issues. Not because it's such a great layout, but because I love those old AKIRA issues so much and have such a strong reaction to the look and feel of them. To make this recap look this way gives me a great amount of pleasure, and it makes this little story of mine feel legit and cool. 

So yeah, my full on AKIRA style recap of Chapters 1&2. 

Chapter 3 begins next week.

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  1. This recap is actually pretty helpful. I suppose you've gotta get the Akira thing out of your system. It IS fun to see it with the same typography and everything. Just remember though, your comics ARE legitimate- they don't need the Otomo stamp of approval.

    1. Yes, dad.
      I guess I should point out that the recap is mainly just for you and like the one other guy who said he'd like it. If and when there is a physical publication of Amnia Cycle, I don't think it will include any recaps, but if it does include a recap it won't be with this design. This is just for fun really… It's like fan-art in a way. And it's just for the online audience, to eventually get buried under so many other blog posts.
      And the bit about feeling like it's legit. You know, it's a bit of false modesty really. You know how it goes, you have to compensate for the ego.

  2. Yeah, I know, and I know you know. The tone of your post seems like "sure, this is kinda silly but I did it cause it's fun." So I'm kind of pointing out the obvious. I know exactly what you mean about the legit thing. I think every comic artist has the urge to be like- "see, this is just like a comic from when I was 13, but with MY art. See, I'm a real comic artist too." I do it. We all do it. It's just a one-off thing for fun. I'd do the same thing myself. I'm gonna shut up now.