Saturday, February 8, 2014

Entry 219: Inhumanity #1 FILL-IN Pages

For you who have read INFINITY, does this scene look familiar and yet some how different? Well that's because I drew this scene in Infinity and then I drew it again in INHUMANITY #1.

This blog entry picks up where I left off in Entry 210: Infinity #6 FILL-IN pages.

In that entry I talked about having very little time to do five fill-in pages for Infinity #6. Well, as soon as I was done with those five pages I had to get going on five fill-in pages for Inhumanity #1. The reasons were pretty much the same, they just needed help getting the book done on time. Comics are a lot of work!

To make the transition between artists make sense and not be jarring I did the pages of the book that flashed back to the events in Infinity that I drew to begin with… It makes sense, right, but also, it's kind of lame to have to go back and draw something you've already drawn.

I'm not complaining about it, I'm a "professional", I can do things that I don't want to. But, you know me, guys-- I'm honest here on the ol' blog. I'd like think that drawing comics is a dream all the time. It's what I wanted to do from when I was 13 years old, how can I ever complain. There are artists who really portray that attitude and never let the fact that they are dissatisfied be known… I don't know, maybe they are satisfied only being drawing machines for hire and never aspire to more than that.

…Wait, I'm totally going off on a tangent. Back on point, I'm only trying to say that I try to be honest online, even if it means I'm complaining a little.

The thing is, anytime I find myself working on something that I don't want to do, I challenge myself to do something new or in some way make it as good as I can. With my five Inhumanity #1 pages I used no ink. I took my pencils, scanned them, adjusted the contrast so that they looked nice and black, then I digitally filled in some of the blacks a bit better, and lastly I through in some screen tones and a few other effects. It was a completely different process to anything I've done before. I did them real fast and rough, but it was actually really fun.

All of the screen tones in panel two were done in photoshop, as were almost all of the windows on the buildings in panel seven.

Another thing about these pages that was nice is that they weren't fully scripted. The panel breakdowns were up to me. That sort of freedom resulted in one of my most manga influenced pages for Marvel yet. Here it is.
So there you go.

Five fast pages after five fast pages. Me being a professional comic drawer… I did my job and I tried to do it well within the time I had.

Now I'd like to get back to blowing deadlines for shit I'm really invested in.

Here are my gray toned layouts for these pages.

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  1. Regardless of influence, I think the composition of each page is dynamic & engaging. It's not difficult to imagine you setting a challenge for yourself and achieving these impressive results.
    Great work while racing the deadline clock. Professional, indeed.