Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Entry 210: Infinity #6 FILL-IN pages

That is a page from Marvel's INFINITY #6. By me and Justin Ponsor.

Originally I wasn't supposed to do any pages for Infinity #6. It was supposed to be an all Jim Cheung issue, but, as you know, comics are a lot of work to draw. Jim wasn't going to meet the deadline, so they asked me if I could do it. Wanting to keep the art duties in the Infinity family, I said I would do what I could.

I did five pages out of like forty-something pages. Seeing as I was doing so few pages in a book full of Jim Cheung art, I decided to abandon my manga inspired layout style and adopt the more restrained "widescreen" layout style that Jim uses. I wanted the reading experience to be a smooth one. To have an abrupt change in page layout for 2 pages here and there would have been jarring. Also, I had a very short amount of time to produce these pages, so doing a more straight forward layout style made things easier.

Here are all of my Infinity #6 pages.

The first page was the only page Justin Ponsor was able to color. The rest were colored by someone else. 

I've talked on my blog before about working with Justin. He does such a great job of using my gray toned layouts to help inform how he colors the pages.

Here are my gray toned layouts to show you how I wanted these pages to be lit.

Considering the time constraints, I'm pretty pleased with what I was able to do with these pages.

The moment I finished with these I got to work on some more fill-in pages for a different book. Once again, it was 5 pages and about a week and a half to get them done… Not fun circumstances to work under, at least not for me. 

I'll post about those pages very soon. 

Till then

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  1. Great job. That last page is simply amazing. I can't imagine what else could have been done even with more time.

    PD: Happy X-Mas!!

    1. Hey thanks. Yeah, I don't know what I would have done differently ether... But sometimes, that's just it-- When you take more time, you think of things to do that you wouldn't have thought of with less time.
      And Happy x-mas and happy new year to you too:)

  2. Dustin, when you start to sell pages count me for dibs on that Dr. Strange-centric page! Great work on the good doctor!

  3. I thought i noticed a little Weaver magic in this issue... :) and to your point about trying to be seamless in the transitions from Jim's pages to definitely worked for me. Actually worked liked a handy mechanism to shift my mind to where the story was moving too since this has been used throughout the series pretty well in my opinion.
    I noticed there was a real effort to place some non core Avengers characters in the forefront in many of the battle images and storylines (like Smasher) which was a nice treat. Looks like that may pave the way for more from these chars in 2014.
    Thanks for posting all the details!
    Happy New Year Dustin.

  4. Nice! This is the first I've seen these.

    Doctor Strange is one of my favorite characters—your version of him is really great!