Monday, December 9, 2013

Entry 206: AMNIA CYCLE pages 32-33

Amnia Cycle


Gosh. Trying to get these posts up every week has really cut into my posting about other things. I mean, there have been a few comic issues with work by me to come out and I haven't even mentioned them here.

I'm going to have to catch up.

Anyway. I'm excited for next weeks Amnia Cycle. It will have the first splash page of the series so far.

Blogged and blogged.


  1. Aww noo Dustin! Homophones got into your text bubbles: waist should be waste on page 32?
    Keep up the great work though! I'm getting lost with all the characters names. I need a recap.

    1. Is this only the first time you're noticing a homophone? If so, than I'm doing better than I thought. I'm a horrible speller and I rely on spell check, so these kinds of words tend to get past me. Feel free to let me know anytime you see a spelling or grammar mistake.
      About the recap-- that's a great idea! I'll do one once I've finished the second chapter. Perhaps I'll make it an every two chapters thing. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Zarco's line about saving the universe is really good.

    I'm excited about Nilka's brother. He looks cool (that hair design is great) and his behavior makes him instantly likable. A good guy to have on the team, seemingly confident and able pilot. I wont be surprised at all when you reveal he is Captain Zultan's secret son.
    Thus making Zarco his secret brother?! I can hope can't I? ( T ▽ T)

    But what's his name? A pet peeve of mine is when siblings state their relationship for the reader. I think you could have dropped that "little brother" in panel 2 and replaced it with his name. Especially because you then have legitimate dialog/story take place immediately after this that, at the very least, hints at them being related. And if that wasn't enough you have a very natural sounding, very believable piece of dialog from their mom that would erase any lingering doubt the reader had about them being brother and sister. Their mom is the perfect vehicle to deliver this piece of info, even stating he is the younger of the two.

    Oh yeah and that Medical Officer, she's a bad guy! Only badguys have introductions like that, where it makes them seem like they are of no significance.

    1. Damn it! You're right!.. See this is why I was sending these pages to you before putting them up. You were my one proof reader, but NO, you wanted to experience them and respond here.
      No matter I guess. I figure, once I'm done, I'll go back over the whole thing for edits and rewrites. So, everything is up for changing at any point. That is, until I publish it in book form.

      As for Nilka's brothers name! I don't have one. I am open to suggestions.

      Next issue I introduce two new characters named Zig Zag and Braeburn.

      And yes, Medical Officer, Albany, will be the death of them all.