Thursday, October 10, 2013

Entry 197 AMNIA CYCLE pages 21-22

 Pages 21 & 22.
This is it. End of Chapter 1.
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Before you read this.
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This IS fun. I'm having a great time.

So yeah. Chapter 1 complete. Next week I'll show you the Chapter 1 cover image. Then I'm taking a week off before getting back into posting 2 pages each week. Actually, the first entry of Chapter 2 might actually be 3 pages. I haven't decided yet.

Feel free to leave a comment. I appreciate any feedback.

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  1. I'm like this Amnia Cycle, since I do so enjoy some good sci-fi.

    Do you just make up the cockpit and other layouts on the fly? I know you mentioned starting this on an airplane, but have you since fleshed out further details?

    Random note too: Dudes with muttonchops. Seen the captain with a fierce beard, and Zarco with the side burns. We need someone that bridges these two characters...someone with muttonchops!

    1. Holy Shit, you're right! I do need a guy with muttonchops. Consider it done! I'm all about fun facial hair in this story. In the first installment of chapter 2 you'll see a new character who's got an interesting short beard. I have an idea for a character that wont show up till chapter 3 and now he's totally going to have muttonchops. Since I am making this story up as I go, I'm not sure how important he'll be, but he's got potential.
      The cockpit and everything else is established on the page and fleshed out as I go. I do no preliminary drawing, no planning, for anything on this story. The first time you see it on a page is the first time I'm drawing it. The cockpit does get more fleshed but that fleshing out happens on the page, and now that page is my reference going forward.
      Oh and thanks for the comment!