Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Entry 168: Avengers #7 PREVIEW!

Just popping in to give you the latest, up to the minute, Dustin related news.

Some preview pages from Avengers #7 just hit the internet.

I'm excited to show you, the readers, these pages. Let me know what you think.

Blogged and blogged.


  1. Very nice! The page bleached in light is very effective. Love it! What's with all the no. 7 issues coming out of Periscope Studio. I want a no. 7 of something!...of course with my track record it would be an issue about the 7th president. (Sorry, Jackson, no offense.)

  2. You're killing it on these pages, Dustin! Love the perspective on every page & your choices for panel sizes & transitions are great - very dynamic. Cityscapes are top-notch, as usual, and the "acting" in Cap's panel isn't too shabby, either. Love that close-up.
    Btw, my 8-year-old son just looked over my shoulder & said, "Is that the new Iron Man armor?," which led to a discussion about your artwork & how your level of detail lends itself to awesome-looking armors. (He's blown away by the detail in the buildings & Quinjet as well. I think I may have just explained myself into a second copy of Avengers #7.)
    So, there ya go...the next generation of Dustin fans is well on its way!

  3. What I think about these pages, you ask me? Where are the other ones???? That's my answer!

  4. This is all sorts of crazy cool. I like the Quinjet page especially.

  5. Well, I picked this up due to your work Dustin, and am glad I did. Since I started reading Avengers with this issue though, I have to say I was lost lost lost? It is to be expected I guess, but it got me thinking about what it must have been like for you as well to jump in here. I will be glad to see what is in store on the next issue(s), but I bet you were as lost as I was when you first got the script! Despite having no clue who some of the characters were, it read well enough and your art was groovy. I would say more about what I liked but cannot put it into words when I cannot name a character or 3. Captain U and the New U guy looked great, and Spidey too. Is this the Osborn Spidey? I guess I may find out, all to be revealed next issue in...

  6. LOVE the third image! Really powerful sense of velocity. Great work man!