Saturday, December 29, 2012

Entry 163: Avengers #7

Hi. It's me, Dustin Weaver.
I hope you, the readers of this blog, are having a happy holiday season. As I write this, we're just a few days from it being New Years. So HAPPY NEW YEAR!

You guys got Avengers #1 and #2 didn't you?-- DIDN'T YOU? If you did, then great! You've done well. If you haven't, well how are you going to know what's going on when it gets to issue 7, the first issue drawn by me... You are planning on getting my issues right? Issues 7-9? If you're not, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE? This blog is only for people who buy my comics. If you have no intention to buy comics that I draw kindly stop reading and leave. Go and don't let the "back" button hit you on the way out. --All right. Now that they are gone-- Guys, here's a preview of issue 7. 
 That cover IS a reference to this old ad for Marvel's New Universe back in 1986.
You'll see how it ties in.

And here are a couple preview pages.

 These have been on-line for a few weeks now but I'm only just now getting around to posting them here. I did put them on my Tumblr.

Are you guys checking out my tumblr? It's the perfect place for someone who likes my art but doesn't want to read all my rambling stupidity.

Also, I started a second tumblr! That's right a SECOND tumblr. This one is just for things that I like. It's a blog fully dedicated to my favorite things. In fact I'll no longer be doing my "favorite things" entries here on this blog. I've now got a place just for that kind of stuff. It's called Things Dustin Likes. I've even done a few posts there where I point out how a specific piece that I like inspired a specific piece by me. I'm also posting about music, TV, and movies there. So please check that out. And if you see something there or on my art tumblr that you want to comment on, you can always make your comment here on this blog on whatever the last entry was.

As always here is the black and white version of this cover followed by the sketch.

One last thing: I want to apologizing to everyone who has e-mailed me that I have not responded to. It seems all I'm using my e-mail for these days is for business. Specifically the business of getting Avengers comics done. Every e-mail that I've gotten that has not directly related to that I have read and put a star on it so that I can return to it at some point and respond. I do intend to respond to everyone.

So yeah. Great way to end a blog entry. "Sorry, guys." --But you know what, I AM sorry. I owe you guys an apology. You are all wonderful people. Every reader of this blog is THE BEST! Even you, guy or girl who kept reading even though they have no intention to buy my Avengers comics and who I told to leave-- even you are the best. "But Dustin, how can you say we're the best? Is the only qualifier for being the best simply reading your blog? And what does that mean, "the best"? Best whats? Best at what?" Listen, dummy, I can say you're the best because I can, and yeah, you read my blog you're the best. Simple as that. And seriously just shut up while I'm blogging why don't you. You're all the best, end of story. BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

Blogged and blogged.


  1. Not your father's Quinjet design! Well done!

    1. Hey thanks. Yeah, I wanted to make the Quinjet my own. That is one of the perks to working in comics as opposed to say animation or other commercial art jobs-- You can do things your own way. You don't have to stay on model. You can put your stamp on it... The down side is that those other jobs pay a lot better than comics.
      I appreciate your approval.

  2. Hi ! Just want to thank you for your gorgeous artwork... I first came for SHIELD updates (because I love this & expect 5 & 6 like everybody!!) and I discovered your blog & tumblr...

    You are definitely one of my best artist, loved your Sinister on Uncanny X, can't wait for SHIELD & Avengers !

    Thanks & happy new year from France (sorry for lousy english)

  3. Thanks, Sebastien. I'm glad you found me here. Sorry about the SHIELD delays. Hopefully the Avengers stuff is a worthy distraction from SHIELD. I only regret that so much of my time is being taken up with doing covers as opposed to interiors. And I'm glad to have a fan in France. You guys have so many great comics there I'm not sure how you have time for any of my carp:)

  4. Great work, as usual! The way you draw Captain Marvel is awesome!
    BTW, Happy New Year! Hope it will be a 2013 full of your comics!

  5. I see a starbrand logo...awesome! Great job, the previews look spectacular . Keep up the good work. PS finish SHIELD! :)

    1. He'll get it done!

      (Have to admit that I'd like to see an org chart showing who's in charge of what in the current incarnation of the Directorate. It's starting to look like a committee at the top: Ralston on Policy and UN Relations, Johnson on Operations, Hill as Deputy Ops, Fury Jr. and Coulson as senior field officers and who else?)