Thursday, August 16, 2012

Entry 154: The Adventures of Lucy and Friends

Last week was my daughter's birthday. She's now 3 years old! And, guys, she's really cool. I really like her, even when she's being a little punk. I'm like "Yes. Keep that defiance." I'm really proud of her.

A few weeks ago I decided, instead of reading a story before bed, Lucy and I would make one up. We'd draw a little comic. She'd tell me what happens in the story and I'd draw it. I wasn't sure how well it would go. She is(was) only 2 years old after all. I wasn't sure I'd get a single page done. I found pretty quickly that we weren't going to get anything done if I didn't let her draw some of it. So I let her draw some of it, which is mostly just scribbling. The collaboration has gone much better than I had expected. I'm really liking this comic, so much so that I decided to start coloring it and make it a real thing.

My goal is to get enough story done to fill a nice hard back book that I will then get printed for her to have forever. But for her birthday I decided that I would at least get the first chapter all done and printed for her.

The book is called "The Adventures of Lucy and Friends"
The first chapter is called "The Three Bunnies"
It's 10 pages.
And it's one of my favorite things I've ever worked on.

I might eventually want to put this stuff up online. I'm not sure, but I do want to share a few pages with you guys.

Here are pages 5,6, and 10. (I'm going to get Lucy to do a little coloring on this first panel on page 5)
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  1. That's priceless stuff, Dustin.
    I can remember making up stories with my 3-year old daughter during her bath time - she would add some parts, I would add some parts - and now she's 14 and reading books about the life & work of Werner Herzog.
    It happens fast, man. Treasure every moment, as you are doing.
    The bond you're establishing with her now through play & creativity will serve you well when she grows into her teen years.
    It's a fantastic thing to be able to share common ground artistically with your children.
    Obviously, Lucy's a very lucky girl.
    Happy Birthday to her.
    Enjoy every chapter.
    (And thanks for sharing.) :)

  2. Lucy and friends is a comic full of suprises, with phrases like "crashed by a car" and a psychedelic wing(?!) store. This kind of art inspires me. It's a perfect means of expression for you and your daughter.