Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Entry 116: Free Comic Book Day

Hey! So, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day and as you can see I will be signing at Things From Another World on Sandy Blvd here in Portland.

Check it out. Also signing at that location on free comic book day: My friends and studio mates Ben Dewey, Paul Tobin, Steve Lieber, Paul Guinan, David Hahn, and occasional studio mates Terry and Rachel Dodson.

But it doesn't stop there. Periscope Studio people will be signing all around the Portland area. Ben Bates will be in Beaverton, Ron Chan and my co-creator of They'll Bury You Where You Stand! Jeremy Barlow will be in Milwaukie.
You could run all around town and meet all of them.

So, I had a couple left over commissions to do from this past Emerald City Comic Con that I was finally able to get done.
Check them out-

I've been experimenting lately with creating screen tones in photoshop and printing them into a drawing and I'm really liking the results. I've always been a fan of zipatone and this is a way to accomplish that look in a fairly simple way. 

Anyway, if your in the Portland area this weekend I hope to see you on free comic book day. Maybe I'll draw a sketch for you. It won't look as nice as what you see above, but it will be cool, I promise.


  1. Would you and Jon consider doing a fan art/story contest called "This is not the way the world ends"? It would be historical scientists going against Marvel villains.

  2. Those commissions are excellent.
    Love your use of shadows on the Galactus one. The perspective gives it a zero gravity type of feel, which is pretty cool considering his massive scale is still conveyed.
    The Thanos is awesome as well. Do you have any particular affinity for the cosmic characters? You deliver really knockout renderings of them from what I've seen. (And yeah, you do knockout renderings of lots of other things, too...)
    Any chance you'll be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year?
    Please don't run off screaming. I know it's become an unruly behemoth but it's right in my backyard so I can't knock it too much...

  3. Awesome. I would so be in on this if I wasn't on the other side of the planet :) You're a brilliant artist. That Galactus portrait is phenomenal!