Thursday, April 21, 2011

Entry 115: S.H.I.E.L.D. Architects Of Tomorrow!

Hey, everybody-

Guess what comic I got today.

Yeah, yeah, Bakuman and Mister Wonderful, but what I'm actually talking about is the S.H.I.E.L.D. Architects Of Forever hard back!

Pretty exciting, huh? Check it out.

Every issue of SHIELD, so far, put together into one shiny slick book.

What's that? You want me to show some pages from Bakuman and Mister Wonderful? Damn it, I need to stop taking pictures of my books along side vastly superior books.

Speaking of which.
Remember this picture

Go  Buy Outlaw Territory 2!

Check it out, we got mentioned on Fresh Ink.

That was my art they showed!

Here's what Ain't it Cool News had to say about mine and Jeremy's little story:

"Possibly the most whacked out, bug nuts story is “They’ll Bury You Where You Stand” by Jeremy Barlow and Dustin Weaver. This one takes the cake as far as the most hauntingly insane story of the first half as a stranger rides into town to save the day. Cliché? Sure. But what happens next certainly isn’t. Dustin Weaver’s unconventionally detailed panels make this story a standout. Just a fantastically warped tale!"

In that photo of the Outlaw Territory book you might have noticed a piece I was working on. Well here that peace all finished.

This is the cover of SHIELD Infinity.
I only did the cover of this one.

Here's the black and white version and the sketch version.

Thank you guys! Till next time.


  1. Regarding TBYWYS, I've wondered:
    Any particular inspiration or significance to the design on The Angel's shirt?
    Particularly the arrows, which also appear on his hat?
    (The front of the shirt kinda gives me a 70s Evel Knievel vibe)
    Are the markings on the gun The Judge was holding - temporarily - related to the design on The Angel's shirt?
    What happens to the gun after The Russian drops it @ the end?
    (I may just keep asking questions until somebody else asks one :D )
    That's a fantastic 10 pgs. you guys produced. As I said before, it just screams for a prequel or sequel.
    Here's hoping.

  2. I thank you for the interest in our little story. You might be the only one. I don't know if anyone ells has bought it.
    To answer your question: My initial inspiration for the designs in this, especially the angel's, was Moebius and Dan O'Bannon's "The Long Tomorrow." I didn't want to do a drab western, I wanted it to be colorful. Another big influence on the angel is superheros.
    The arrows pointing in opposite directions I did as a symbol of duality and maybe even something transcendent. He's got stars on his chest and shoulders which to me are very super heroic and the design on his back kind of takes the shape of wings, but the design at the cuffs of his pants are edgy and kind of flame like. To me this is all symbolic of a guy who is taking on the appearance of something good, but who's true nature is rooted in evil.
    Heady, huh?
    Lauren, my fiancee, has been promising to make me that shirt since I designed it over 2 years ago now. I'm still holding her to that promise. I'll were that shirt to a con one day, you'll see.
    The gun? I never thought about what happens with it after this story. It's a good question. I wish I had had a chance to better show the design of the gun. The handle is actually a scull that would be licking your palm. Angel was given that gun buy someone ells. It's completely symbolic and I don't think it has any supernatural properties, but who really knows.
    The idea of a gun that tells you to kill was inspired by Tezuka's Dororo, where there is a scene where a dude has a sword that needs blood and forces it's owner to kill. I have a theory that all the great ideas were already had by Tezuka... Isn't there a western comic out now that uses that idea. Maybe they're ripping off Tezuka as well.

  3. OMG OMG
    Couple of online friends on the Rant and Rave on Comics thread on Amazon...all told me to get your book although I've stopped buying Marvel. I died and went to heaven reading Shield HC. The artwork was stop dead gorgeous. I barely followed the plot. The coloring!!! gorgeous as well. I do some coloring for a friend's children illustrations and I just turned off Phtoshop for a couple of was so gorgeous, I couldn't work for a couple of days in envy

  4. Re: OMG OMG
    Hey THANKS! Christina is one of the best colorists in the biz. I'm glad you and your friends like the book so well. I've never visited the Amazon forums, but if they're saying nice things about me, I just might have to check it out.
    Thanks again. I'm glad you took the time to find me and say something.

  5. Dustin: Thanks for taking the time to reply. I hope there will be vol 2. here is the link to rant and rave:
    Just a handful of us ranting and raving on the status of comics and other stuff. Will have to track down Christina's sites. she has moved up the list of my favorite colorist: stewart, mounts, pattison, nowlan. Her color holds and use of yellows (not my favorite colors) is unbelievable. I think another skill of a master is the use of limited of my downfalls. I want to use every color in the crayola box. LOL