Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Entry 64: The Adventures of ThingThing- The Blue Cheese Affair

That's right, this post is called ThingThing. It's what happens when Ben Grimm eats a whole wheel of blue cheese and reads Tintin before going to bed. Or it's what happens when Paul Tobin has 2 extra pages in Fantastic Four Giant-Size Adventures #1 and asks me if I want to do a short homage to Herge.

Paul is a studio mate of mine at Periscope Studio and has written a whole lot of Marvel books including: like ALL of the Marvel adventures books, or something like that. I don't know. He writes a lot of them. And since I joined the studio he and I have found we have a mutual love for European comics. He has one of the best graphic novel collections I've ever seen.

When Paul mentioned the idea of doing The Thing as Tintin I thought- that is a strange and fantastic idea, and, despite the fact that I already had my hands full with X-Men, I said yes. I had to do it... I couldn't let someone ells do it, right? An opportunity to draw Tintin meets the Fantastic Four doesn't come along to often. Another thing I liked about the idea was that I would get to ink and color it as well.

So I did it, and it was a blast. It's short but I really tried to chock it full of comic book goodness. I hope people check it out. The issue is Fantastic Four Giant-Size Adventures #1 and it comes out June 24. You can see another little sneak peek of it at Paul Tobin (Dot) Net. Check it out.

On a completely separate note I want to thank Robin Bougie for posting about me on his Live journal several weeks back and getting a bunch of new people to start following my LJ. That's pretty damn cool of him. And thanks to all the people who read his post and checked out my stuff. I've been wanting to respond to the comments left on my last entry but haven't been allowing myself much Internet time lately. Anyway, thanks again.


  1. Ha, awesome. That would be Osamu Tezuka on the left, and maybe Jack Kirby beside him? And the tall guy beside him might be Herge himself...

  2. This is fantastic.
    Even the Yancy street sign.
    I'm so impressed. 4-infinity

  3. This looks amazing... I wish this was a 400 page long graphic novel.

  4. That's right... Yeah, I guess Tezuka is the most easy to get right since he's provided us with such a recognizable caricature of himself. I suppose it's obvious why Herge and Kirby are in it. I just threw in Tuzuka to get the three comic book gods in there.

  5. Wonderful!
    I've just blogged about this on my Tintin blog:

  6. Working Herge's style into the Marvel universe is beyond perfect. With any luck, it will become the new marvel house style and I'll start buying all kinds of Marvel books again! ^_^ haha dream on, Robin.

  7. Thanks, man. That means a lot to me coming from you. I'm a fan. And I really like your lj.

  8. GREAT! Thanks!
    I'm optimistic about the Tintin movie. It stands a chance at being really good. The previews of the American Astro Boy movie, on the other hand, makes me cringe.

  9. that's brilliant!! must have taken you ages to draw though...