Monday, May 11, 2009

Entry 63: When there's touble you call DW

I think I had just started Kingbreaker when Randy Stradley at Dark Horse asked if I could do a Dark Times cover. He said it would be a Doug Wheatley layout and that I had months before it was due. Since I had such a long time to get it done and Doug was already doing part of the work and since I like Doug's work, I said yes. While I was working on KB 2 I got an e-mail from Randy's assistant wondering if I had the cover done yet. I didn't. I hadn't even started. I thought I still had a long time before it was due and so I was focusing on KB which was behind schedual. So, thinking that they needed the cover right away I took a couple days break from KB to do it. Only now are they soliciting the cover. I probably could have waited till I was all done with Kingbreaker before doing it, instead of getting myself even more behind. Oh well. It's all behind me now. And I like how the cover came out. It will be the cover for Star Wars: Dark Times #16.

I worked pretty closely from Doug Wheatley's layout on this. Sometimes when you're working over another artists layouts you end up wanting to change a lot, but when I saw Doug's sketch for this cover I wanted to retain as much of it as I could. He's a really great artist and I encourage you to check out his work in Star Wars: Dark Times. Also, check out his blog here.

The title of this entry is from the theme song to the Disney cartoon DarkWing Duck. The line has staid with me all these year. You know, because my initials are DW... I wonder if Doug has had the same experience...

Anyway, here's Doug's sketch that I turned into the piece you see above.


  1. More people on Live Journal need to look at this! Therefore:

  2. Bougie told me to check your stuff out, and I am floored by amazing. I've added you up because I cannot deprive my eyes of this beautiful work.

  3. The source of how I found you.
    Amazingly brilliant art.

  4. *Her via Bougie
    Wow- that is awesome! Did you use any RL sea critters for reference? Looks like a Moray Eel by way of a Wolf Eel by way of Cthulhu's spermatozoa *g*
    Great stuff!

  5. Another Bougie referral and HOLY FERTILIZER, add me to the list of instant devotees. That's incredible art.... your compositional skills alone blow me away, not to mention your incredible mad shading powers.
    That..... seriously, this is what other artists are trying to do. Water, both reflections and turbulence. Clothing folds. Suspended action, like a high speed high def photograph. But better.
    Dude, I say this sincerely... you are it when it comes to art.
    I'll stop now before I gush.

  6. Another referral from Bougie.
    I could stare at this one hours, absorbing the detail. That is some amazing work there, sir.

  7. Dustin you are really a talented artist! I'm Owen, the guy that had your wonderful fiance make the raptor shirt from ghostworld for an xmas present for my sister. She is such a great woman especially with that cd she is working on! She insisted that I check your art out and I am so glad that I have! Alone your talent is certainly wonderful but also I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Star Wars (I hope I didnt let out a fanboy geek alert there!) and KOTOR is great. I have been collecting comics since I was 7 Dustin, time for me to pick up your artwork as well!