Thursday, January 29, 2009

Entry 58: KingBreaker Black and White

 As a comic book artist I always like seeing the black and white pages of other artists before they're colored, so I thought I'd post a few of my own pages from Kingbreaker in black and white for anyone who's like me and likes this kind of stuff.

 If you look back through my work you'll see that I like to switch up my style with each new story. With Kingbreaker, it's probably obvious that I'm shooting for a kind of Jim Lee look. I'm a big fan of the old Jim Lee/ Chris Claremont X-Men issues, but it's not my only reference for this stuff. I'm also getting a lot of inspiration from some of my favorite sci-fi artists like Moebius, Juan Gimenez, and Masemune Shiro. Jaime Mendoza's super slick inks give it all a modern American stylized finish.

 Here are a few more pages from issue 2.

 What was really exciting for me in issue 2 was getting to create the New Guard characters. It's great to get to contribute to the X-men universe. Here is my concept sketch for "The Stontian." In the actual book I tried to make her a little more buff than this.
 And finally, here is a costume design for Marvel Girl. I really wanted to recall her old look as Phoenix.


  1. I really like the Stontian. There's something compelling about a female, especially a warrior, shorn of hair. Perhaps it's the lack of perceived vanity, but it certainly adds an air of badassness to her.

  2. So the Stontian is Gladiatrix?
    If you take a close look at Marvel Girl's belt buckle... maybe it would change into an "X" when colored, but right now it looks like a swastika.

  3. You didn't know? Yeah, Marvel Girl is a Nazi. If you look back through all the X Factor books I think you'll find that she's always been a bit of a Nazi.
    And I don't know who Gladiatrix is. So I guess she isn't. If you just mean that she's a she-Gladiator, then yes she is.

  4. I meant a female version of Gladiator, yes.
    And no, I didn't know about Marvel Girl's political inclinations. I stopped reading X-books back in the early 1980s, and never looked back.
    BTW, did Dino/Panini ever send you a copy of that Star Wars issue with your profile?

  5. No. I never got a copy of that. I'd like one:)

  6. I asked them to send you one. I'll remind Matthias, and ask him to send it to you through Dark Horse editorial.