Sunday, January 18, 2009

Entry 57: This week: X-Men Kingbreaker #2

Hey, babies. Got some Kingbreaker #2 for yo ace. That's right, I said "ace." For you X comic fans the first issue was a little bit of a recap. With this issue things really take off. If you have evan an ounce of coolness you'll get this book. Seriously this issue is going to make issue 1 look like issue dumb. And make issue three look like issue pee. That's how good it is. Am I making any sense? Just get it. Do it for the children.
Once again, a cover by Brandon Peterson (so shiny):


  1. Man, that is some luscious art.. (I love me some Havok!) I will check it out. :D
    Random question: how long does it take for an issue to come out in print from the time it's finished?

  2. Thanks for the comment. To answer your question, the time between completion of an issue and it's printing can vary a lot. Right now I'm pretty much working under a monthly deadline with no time to spare. I finish pencilling an issue and in a month it's out. I've also worked on things that don't come out for months. I'd prefer to not be under such a tight deadline. It's killing me:)

  3. That's rough. I commend you on keeping it up - here's hoping you get a breather soon. At least working faster = more issues = more food on the table, right?
    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Thanks. :)