Sunday, November 11, 2007

Entry 19: Kotor 22 Tidbits

Kotor 22 has a lot of return characters,locations, and vehicles. It also has a lot of game characters making there first comic book appearance. A good deal of vehicles that I've created for this series make appearances in this issue, like the Mandolorian Star fighters, Fast attack ships, Carrier landers, Mando swoop bikes, there was even one of the Mando attack skiffs that I drew in issue 7 but it was covered by a word ballon. With all that was packed into this issue there wasn't much room for anything new, but in the back ground in a few shots you might be able to pick out this thing.

It's a Mandalorian attack land vehicle. It's like a unicycle-tank. When Zaerdra runs in shouting, "The Mandies are bringing in more firepower," in the background you might be able to make out one of these along with some Basilisk war droids.
Another tidbit:

 Sometimes I like to throw in some non Star Wars characters just for fun... or at least, characters who look a lot like non Star Wars characters. In this panel you can see a guy who look a lot like The Metabaron and a guy who looks like Kaneda in the background. Moebius's Incal and Akira are 2 of my favorite comics. The Incal in particular was something I thought about while doing this issue. Just check out the first few pages of the Incal 1, the free fall that Zayne takes in this issue was very inspired by that scene. In the past I've slipped in a girl who looks like Nausicaa from Miyazaki's "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" and a Chihiro robot from Osama Tezuka's "Phoenix." Along with The Incal and Akira, Nausicaa and Phoenix are among my favorites.

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