Friday, November 9, 2007

Entry 18: Handbook Cross-Sections

These were a lot of fun for me. When Jeremy, the Kotor series editor, told me we might be doing a handbook for the series he told me that it hadn't been approved yet but if it was approved John Jackson Miller, the series writer, recommended I do the cover. As I said in entry 2 on this live journal, that cover is my first professionally commissioned cover and I was really excited to get to do it. But I was also excited by the idea of showing some of the thought I've put into designing the ships in the series. I really like Cross Section books and I've always wanted to give drawing one a try. This was just after I finished Kotor #15 and I was waiting on script for issue 22 so I had a little free time. So, even though Jeremy hadn't asked for it, I decided to do the Last Resort cross section. Obviously the book was approved and he did decide to use the cross section and eventually asked me to do the Moomo Williwaw as well.
 When I draw a ship like these, almost all of this thought is there from the beginning. I really like to try and keep this kind of stuff consistent and you have to know everything if you want to do that. If you look back at all the times I drew the Last resort in the series you'll see that it's all consistent with this cross section. As you can see in these images I even labeled them. I'm not sure why it was decided that they be printed with out the labels, but here they are for your enjoyment.


  1. Dude, these are unbelievable, the technical aspect, the look and the drawing itself. Very impressive. I'm a huge fan of technical drawings (mainly cos I suck at it myself) and I gotta say, these are superb.
    Now, the sad part, I have to request that you put these in an LJ cut. As superb as these are, they are still stretching my friends page. If you don't know how to do LJ cut, I can tell you here and now.
    What you do is type:
    &lt lj-cut text="(Type whatever you wanna say here as a sort of title)"&gt
    (And here is where your pictures and messages go)
    I'm sorry if these seemed a bit condescending or anything, I don't mean for it to be. I'm just trying to be friendly and, if you hadn't known about it, teach you something new in LJ. Thank you in advance.

  2. No problem, darkkof. I didn't know about the LJ cut. You did teach me something new. When I posted the images, I posted them how I normally post everything not knowing how big they were. I didn't check how they looked after posting them, so when I finally came back and saw how big they were I re posted them differently. I didn't use the cut method because I hadn't read your message. Let me know if the changes I made work for you.
    And thanks for the comments on the pieces. Your kind words and helpful tips are much appreciated.

  3. No problemo and the new re-posted image works great too. Thanks for being understanding and all.

  4. This is awesome! I can't wait to see the final product in the bookstore.
    Oddly enough, this was almost what I jumped online to look for. What I'm actually looking for are technical sketches or floor-plans for the "Little Bivoli" (or even a generic Quartermaster-class layout). I'll be running a Star Wars RPG campaign, and I wanted to use the Quartermaster-class for the players' ship. I started to generate my own by guesstimating dimensions based on the Bivoli's appearance in the comic, but ideas were running up short. If you have any ideas, it'd be a great help.

  5. These pieces were published a while back in the Kotor Handbook. It might be a little hard to find now, not sure.
    When I designed the Little Bivoli I did do a fairly detailed layout. It was sketchy but it had all the information I needed to be able to stage the actions inside it and set up my shots. I'll try to dig that up and show it to you... Bear with me though, I'm swamped with work.

  6. Awesome! Don't worry about rushing it, though. I know you're busy. I really, really appreciate it. Keep up the good work dude!