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That's my first time actually drawing Bebop and Rocksteady. After having spent a lot of time and thought on them with the Bebop and Rocksteady Micro issue and now with this, it's great to actually draw them.

So yes, this is mine and Ben Bate's big return to Bebop and Rocksteady. A few years ago we got to establish their personalities and how they function in the IDW Turtles universe when we collaborated on the Bebop and Rocksteady Villains Micro Series. That issue was well received by fans and ever since then there's been a possibility of us returning to do a mini series. This is actually the third incarnation of the idea. We never got far with the first two ideas because nether Ben nor I could fit the project into our schedules. I guess the third time's the charm. Bobby told us that, with the new movie coming out in June, they wanted to have a Bebop and Rocksteady mini. He asked if we wanted to do it and it was good timing for us, plus we were into what he was looking for. Bobby put forth the idea of it being a time travel story, much like their Turtles in Time story, with a different artist each issue, and he said we could call it something like "Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything." I'm a big fan of time travel stories. I found the idea of sending these two idiots through time to be instantly appealling. And, though Bobby was just throwing it out, I thought it that title was great!

From the start, Ben and I knew that we didn't want to do the "Turtles in Time" structure of a different time period with a different artist each issue. I put forth the idea of having the story jumping around in time and having a consistent artist for each time period regardless of what issue it was in. I was inspired by my my experience working on the Infinity crossover for Marvel. On that I was one of 5 artists all working in tandem. We had an email chain that was constantly updating with art and I found it really inspiring and exciting. I wanted to reproduce that with this project. I also liked the idea of coordinating the and overseeing a larger project where I could work with artists. And it's been really fun seeing this thing come together. All the artists involved are doing great work.

Check out these covers.

Those are variant covers by me, Sophie Campbell, Damian Couceiro, Kevin Eastman, Ben Bates, Ryan Browne, and a super cool connecting covers image by Nick Pitarra!

For more info here's an article on the AV Club.

Also, if you haven't read our Bebop and Rocksteady Villains Micro issue check it out here.

More on this project to come.

I leave you with my original sketch for the logo.

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