Friday, August 30, 2013

Entry 189: INFINITY #2 is coming!

NO This blog hasn't just become the "Amnia Cycle blog" It hasn't become just the home to one more web-comic you give zero shits about. NO. I'm still doing things you are actually interested in! And one of those things you are interested in--


How could you not be interested in it? What other crossover events could you possibly be into right now?  NONE! Is the answer.

So, guys, how bout I shut my stinking pie hole for two seconds and make with some preview pages. HUH?

These preview pages are from INFINITY #2

INFINITY #1 is out now, with art by Jim Cheung and Justin Ponsor.

Issue #2 comes out September 4th 2013, with art by me, Jerome Openia, and Justin Ponsor.

Jerome and I are also doing issue #3, 4, and 5 together. And Jim is back for issue 6... Justin Ponsor is the glue holding it all together on colors.

In all seriousness, I put a lot of effort into this stuff and I'm proud of the work that I did. I really hope you guys pick it up. Even if you don't know what's going on. At least you know I tried to draw the hell out of it, Jerome Openia did draw the hell out of it, and J-Po (Justin Ponsor) colored all that hell right back into it and then out of it again. So you know this book will look nice.

I did an interview thing for about it and about my past Marvel work as well. It's in two parts.

Paving The Road To Infinity--Dustin Weaver pt_1
Paving The Road To Infinity--Dustin Weaver pt_2

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  1. I loved your stuff on Avengers, and I was over the moon when I heard that you were drawing parts of Infinity. With Hickman AND the ever-amazing Justin Ponsor doing colors (he makes your work that much better), there's no way that Infinity can be bad.

  2. Hey, thanks, RCcarroll! I'm glad you sought me out after seeing the Avengers stuff. Was that the first time you saw any of my work?
    I do appreciate you stopping here and commenting. And I hope Infinity doesn't disappoint.

    1. My first exposure to your work was the three connecting covers for the first three issues of Avengers--I sought out your work from there, and I've loved it ever since. I got to dig in to your work on SHIELD, as well, and I love it as well. The level of detail in everything was amazing!

      I appreciate that you connect with your fans as you do. From this and your reputation of being so thorough in everything you do (for both published work and fans), you seem like a very cool, very stand up guy.

    2. I'm not great at returning things that I borrow. I just forget to get things back their owner... So I have that going against my good reputation:)

      That's cool that you've gone back to check out Shield. It's not done you know? So now you can be on board with the finally when Hickman and I wrap it up.

  3. Wow Brah nice panels, and to think we used to trade character idea's way back in Eagle River good for you man!!
    -Anthony Black

    1. Ha Ha! Anthony Black? My neighbor at the end of that cul-de-sac in Eagle River?!?
      That was a long time ago. I was like 11 or 12.
      How are you?

    2. Yup you got it! I been good man just been working and living it up in Hawaii now.

  4. First off, I Love your artwork. Infinity #2 and your previous Avengers issues were awesome. The scene involving Corvus Glaive in the Inhuman throne room was pure awesome and chilling. I hope you plan on working on the Avengers for a long time alongside Jonathan Hickman. But on a side note, I'd kill to see you work on a couple of issues of Mark Waid's 'Indestructible Hulk'.

    Keep up the excellent work, Mr. Weaver!

    You're giving us fans our moneys' worth!

    1. The Hulk, huh? I could see that being fun. Something to think about.

      I will say that after Infinity, as far as I know, I'll be returning to Shield to wrap up that series with Hickman. I'm really looking forward to having that all wrapped up. After that, we'll see:)

      And thanks for the complement on the Corvus scene. He was a fun character to act. I'm a fan of pure villainy and Corvus is a pretty fun bad guy to get into.

  5. Infinity 2 was one of the best books I've experienced all year. The sheer scale of this conflict is so impressive and your work is outstanding Dustin. Black Bolt is one of my favorite characters and you make him smolder. Well done!

    1. Hey thanks, man!
      Yeah,. How pissed is Blackbolt in that scene?
      At first I was jealous of Jerome getting to do all the space stuff, but getting to draw the intense confrontations between guys like Corvus, Blackbolt, and Thanos has been really fun.
      I look forward to your thoughts on issue 3.

    2. Dustin...Infinity You closed that issue in epic style! like you are releasing all that pent up energy from the fans who are just waiting for Black Bolt to be...well, Black Bolt. And the Marvel AR for the last page is like the cherry on top. Another great issue from start to finish. Are you in for the last 3 issues too?

    3. Rhandy, thanks!
      If you liked that Black Bold/ Thanos confrontation I think you'll really like issue #4.
      I'm not doing any work in Infinity #6 but I am in half of #4 and #5.
      It's cool to see generally a really good response to all the Infinity stuff.
      I'll be doing some more Infinity related posts soon.