Monday, March 12, 2012

Entry 140: Richard Castle’s Storm Season

You know Nathan Fillion? He's a real person who pretends to be a guy named Richard Castle, who is made up. And this made up Castle guy also makes up people. For instance, this Castle guy made up a guy named Derrick Storm. So that makes this Storm character doubly made up. Now, I don't know if this Derrick Storm is making up any people, but I'd like to think he is. So this Storm guy is a made up guy in novels written by Castle, who is also made up, and these novels, they don't exist, at least in our realm of existence. But these nonexistent novels have been adapted into graphic novels. Apparently, Castle, made up though he may be, is a comic book fan. Now one might think that these graphic novel adaptations, being 3 times removed from the world of real things couldn't possibly exist in our world. Well, my friends, they do.

This is incredible to me. Apparently things removed from reality by several levels of "making up" loop back around to being real things. Could it be that we are all made up by some character in some novel written by a made up character who is a writer in someone else's novel... I'm just going to go ahead and say yes. We definitely are.

So this graphic novel, which is a real graphic novel, has a cover drawn by me... Now I know what you are thinking, am I, me, Dustin Weaver, made up? And the answer is yes. Was I made up by the same people who made up Richard Castle? No I wasn't. I'm actually a side project of David Petersen's. That's right the writer and artist of the critically-acclaimed Mouse Guard is also the creator of me... WHO KNEW? Right?

Aaaanyyyyywaaays. You still with me? What I'm saying is that I drew the cover for Richard Castle’s Storm Season, which is a follow up to Richard Castle's Deadly Storm. This cover was a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from everything else I've been doing lately. Marte Gracia did a great job on the colors. I really like the way this piece looks with the colors and typography, but here is a look at the uncolored version followed by the sketch version and an alternate sketch version. And that's it.
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