Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Entry 97: SHIELD #3 preview

Hey, guess what's out this week...
S.H.I.E.L.D. #3
Click here to see a preview:

Above is the variant cover that I did with Christina Strain on colors.
With all the paintings on the wall I was inspired by Max Ernst's "Une Semaine De Bonte" Its a surrealistic novel in images. It could be considered a graphic novel. The images in the book are collages constructed out of wood engraved illustrations and they are so fantastically mysterious and unsettling. I wanted the paintings in this image to have a bit of that.

Here's Gerald Parel's cover for the book.

And here are some preview pages.

And here's another one. Just for you.
Once again, with the cover of this issue I did a gray scale sketch so that Christina could see what I had in mind for the lighting. Unfortunately, I sent it to her well in advance and when she actually sat down to do the colors she had forgotten that I had sent it to her. She ended up doing her own interpretation of how the lighting should be. She's a great colorist and what she did works, but I still prefer the way I had intended it. 

Here's my gray tone sketch.


  1. The boob got covered! But amazing work. I like how Galactus almost fits in with the way the characters are dressed.

  2. Awesome art as usual.
    So, considering what a prick Newton was in RL, and how many other scientists he discredited/stole ideas from, is he going to turn out to be the Big Bad?! *g*

  3. that would be an interesting plot twist, Isaac Newton as the final boss?

  4. I was surprised that I got away with drawing that boob on the cover. I new it would get hidden behind the logo, but still.

  5. I won't spoil it to much, but yes, Newton is a real dick.

  6. ISSAC
    This all looks terrific - I remember seeing the cover way back in March! But I REALLY hope they caught the misspelling of "Isaac" on the cover before print! - Everett