Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Entry 307: Lets hit the road!

Hello blogness my old friend. I've come to blog with you again.

So much to catch up on! Like for instance, we are right in the middle of the 5 issue mini series Bebop & Rocksteady Hit The Road! Depending on when you read this, issue 3 is about to come out, or it's out, or it's been out for years and is being celebrated as one of the best single comics ever created. Look, I don't know when you are reading this.

B&R Hit The Road is one that I've written. It's me and Ben Bates, my partner on all the B&R stuff. If you liked any of those comics, you'll like this. Even if you liked my Infinity Gauntlet comic you might like this. (They have things in common. As I write more and more I see some consistent storytelling tendencies.) AND I'm drawing issues 3 and 4! That's Ben Bates on issues 1,2,&5, me on 3&4, and Brittany Peer tying it all together with colors.

Pictured above is my variant cover for B&R Hit the Road #2.
Here are the opening pages from issue #1

Here's a page from issue #3 followed by a photo of panel from #4

This looks fun RIGHT?

Anyway, a closing thought for you: That saying about not seeing the forest for the trees is stupid. Standing back and recognizing there's a forest is of no great value. If you're not getting in there, looking at the trees, learning about the detail, nuance and scope of what's happening in a forest, then do you even know what a forest is? No. So shut up and learn, you forest identifying dummy.

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  1. Hey Weaver-Man, looks cool, I'm excited to see it in its whole! Btw, let me a bit off-topic here: any chance to see Dr. Aaron Aikman in the upcoming Spider-verse stuff at Marvel? Also, did you use any of the concepts or characters of your Aikman-story since then in other projects? (Or could you?) It (too) was a great world you created there, I won't forget it.

    1. Gosh! Sorry about the delay. Not sure how i missed this.
      Thanks for the complements on the Spider-Verse story.
      I really have no idea what's going on with the new Spider-Verse stuff. They asked me if I wanted to do some covers for it and said I could work Aikman into the covers if I wanted, but I had to turn the job down. I doubt they have any plans to use the characters or the world anytime soon, but they could. Who knows.