Sunday, May 22, 2016

Entry 285: Blast from the Past Part- 22

Hi. How's it going?

I'm doing fine. I'm settling into working at home. We've almost got everything done on Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything, which is weird. To be done with a 5 issue series before anyone has read any of it is a new experience. It's nice actually. And, as always, there is the ever present possibility that I could, at any moment, tell you that S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming... (sorry to say that I can't say that yet)

Oh, man! I just realized that by the time I write an entry about the last issues of Shield, it'll have to be considered a "Blast From The Past" entry. It's been well over a year since I wrapped up the final issue and years since I drew the second to last issue... They'll come out... It'll happen.

There are some other exciting developments on the horizon, but I'm not here today to talk about the future. Today, once again, I dig into my box of past works and old sketchbooks to share with you yet another chapter of my creative development.

In 2004 I made a sketchbook to give to people at the San Diego Comic Con. I didn't have a table and I had no intention of selling copies of the sketchbook. I made them just to give to other professionals. I think. It's hard to remember why I did it. I guess I'm telling you what I ended up doing.

What you see above was the cover to that sketchbook. And here are some pieces that were in it.

The sketchbook had a lot of things that I've already posted in other Blast from the Past entries. There was stuff from my Wldcats pitch and concept art for The Tenth Circle.

The sketchbook also had these.

 With these, I was just playing with ink washes. They are clearly referenced from photos.

Here's a page from a 2003 sketchbook that didn't make it into my 2004 sketchbook collection. This is a totally different kind of playing.

Here's one of my early attempts at coloring. It's mostly traditional media. Then, in a very sloppy way, using a mouse I tried to alter it in photoshop.

Because I'm a huge fan of The Metabarons, did some fan-art with markers.

In August 2004 I was hurting for money and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my rent. I decided to draw some pieces I could sell for money. I made a Batman piece and a Cat Woman piece to sell on ebay. I sold the Cat Woman but I ended up liking this Batman too much and I never did sell it. Still have it… I’m not sure how rent got paid that month, but it some how did.

That's all for this entry. I hope you've enjoyed these drawings. Join me next time for another blog entry filled with all kinds fun. And now... I leave you with.... The Wolverine... Good night.


  1. I would definitely buy a couple sketchbooks featuring your various art work!

    I'm an artist myself but my day job doesn't involve art. I work with a specialized trade in the construction field. I want to one day work with marvel/DC and also make my own work.

    I sometimes feel though that I won't be able to because my day job. I shouldn't think like that and let that hold me back right? It just seems hard, does that make sense? I would love if you could give me some advise about this.

    I'm also thinking of doing some online comics eventually which I think will be a good experiment for me. Anyway thank you for letting me ramble away. I live your art!! You're a big inspiration to me and I'm sure lots of others!!