Sunday, April 17, 2016

Entry 283: The rise and fall of Studio Paklis

Back in Entry 269 I told you about my studio. It started with me, Ben Bates, and Jeremy Barlow. Then Jeremy left and it was just me and Ben. That was cool for like 4 months. Then Ben moved to L.A. as his animation career took off. Since then, it's been just me.

I worked on my own for many years. When I joined Periscope studio in 2009, it took me a while to get used to so many people. (I'm not sure I ever got used to it.) With just 3 people, the much smaller Studio Paklis was a great fit for me. But returning to being all alone was not so bad. Sure it get's lonely and weird, but I also enjoy the uninhibited feeling when it comes to singing to music, acting stuff out, talking to myself, and just generally being odd.

See those two pictures above. The first one is how the studio looked with just me in it, but for the past 3 weeks it's looked like the second image. I'm in the gradual process of moving my studio back home.

My home is small. I originally joined Periscope Studio when my wife moved in with me. There just wasn't the space in this apartment for her and me and my studio. We've staid in this small apartment as our daughter, Lucy, has gotten older. We like it here that much. But she's almost 7 now. So we've been thinking that we should be looking for a bigger place.

Given that we need to get a bigger space so that Lucy can have her own room and that I'm moving my studio back into the home, you might assume that we've found a new place with all the space we need but you'd be wrong. We're staying right where we're at and we're also taking the apartment next door! Two apartments! It's really exciting.

The second apartment needs some work. I've been over there cleaning and prepping for paint. Soon my new studio space will be up and running.

As far as Paklis. I'm not abandoning that name. Though the studio is no more, the name will live on as a comic.

Here is a little peek.

It's too soon for me to be officially announcing anything about this comic. Just know that I am working on a comic called Paklis... and you're going to love it without reservation. It'll be your new favorite thing in the world and it'll make you totally forget who Captain America (your current favorite thing, I assume) even is.


  1. Rest in peace Paklis, and then rise from your grave!

    It was just you and me for four months? It seems like it was longer than that. Ah I figured it out, its cause Jeremy rarely came in.

    Now that you're doing a comic with the title Paklis its time I let you own the name fully. I should branch off on our shared twitter account and we can keep everything clean.

    1. I'm thinking I'll just get rid of that Paklis twitter. But does this mean you will rejoin twitter?
      I feel like I've finally learned how to use twitter and it's really not so bad. The trick is to not really read any of it and to not really say anything on it. If you can master those two things then twitter is a real joy.

  2. Paklis Strife Walker NoctisDecember 4, 2016 at 1:54 PM

    Nice name for a comic.... actually...I'm named Paklis.... I'm pretty sure I never saw anyone with this name... anyway... Greetings from Brazil and good luck with your comic

    1. Really? That's cool. I got it from my daughter. When she was 2 years old she gave the name to a plush dog. She just made it up but I though it was a really good name. Where did your parents get the name?

    2. My Mom made it up as well. People frequently ask "what it means?
      I like to come up with some crazy meanings like: "I'm named over the third centurian lord of the Antares system", "It was the name of the best swimmer of Atlantis" or some self motivational meanings "The one who will pass all the university exams...the one who shall not go to finals"
      Sometimes I'll just thrown hands and say "who knows?"
      This may change...people may start asking me if my name is "just like that really good comic?"
      I hope so xD I really love comics,games,mangas,action figures,books...unfortunately the med schools, here in Brazil(or maybe everywhere), consumes a lot of I try to read,watch and play everything on vacations.
      Anyway... best wishes on your comic!
      If Paklis becomes a huge success I'll be able to read it in portuguese =D

      (English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.)