Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Entry 269: Studio Paklis

Hi. Im Rudolf Chompff, and I'm here to talk to you a little about the exciting new blog entry here on Dustin Weaver's Blog that you are about to read. 
We here at "The D-We-B" pride ourselves with bringing you entry after entry of exciting blogtent. You'll probably remember such classic blog entries as "Entry 120" or "Entry 210." Now, in the tradition of those beloved blog entries, we bring you "Entry 269"

So, with only this perfect amount of ado, here's the new D-We-B entry... Enjoy.

A little over a year ago me and my palls, Ben Bates and Jeremy Barlow, started our own little comic studio. We named it Studio Paklis.

The name "Paklis" you might recognize (if you are super cool) as being the name of the dog like creature in Amnia Cycle. The name actually comes from my daughter, who, when she was two, gave that name to one of her stuffed animals. She just made it up but I always thought it was a great name.

Side note: That stuffed animal was actually Snowy from Tintin.

Recently Jeremy left the studio. (Apparently Ben and I called it "Pacific Rim-job" one too many times and he just had to split.) So obviously, this meant a little rearranging of the studio. Also a little cleaning.

The cleaning and rearranging inspired me to take some pictures of our little studio and now I'm posting them for you.

The image at the top of this entry is a 180 panorama from Ben Bates' chair. His computer isn't set up yet in that picture.

There it is and there Ben is.

That other desk is my desk.

This last one is a view from my desk.

Before I leave you, I just want to point out that I framed that Sonic poster and hung it over Ben's desk.

Also, I'm not really calling my blog "The D-We-B" now.

Also, I'm not now calling the readers of my blog "Dweebazoids."

Also, I don't know what blog Entries 120 and 210 are. They could be sucky entries.

Also, I didn't really get Rudolf Chompff to be my blog spokesperson.

That is all.

Blogged and blogged


  1. Jesus, when were you taking photos of me?! I knew I shouldn't have put my back to you...

    1. The room used to be arranged where my back was to you, and don't think I don't know about all the picture you took of me. NOW the tables have turned, and due to the tables being turned, it has change the situation so that I now have an advantage over you, who previously had an advantage over me... If only there were an expression that summed up what I mean.