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Entry 265: Infinity Gauntlet NEWS

I first showed you this image back in November when this project was announced and now, finally, I can show you some more and talk a little bit about what this series will be.

First of all, on the image above, check out the new version of the old "Infinity Gauntlet" logo. It doesn't look bad. I actually wish this series was being called just "Infinity Gauntlet" as apposed to "The Infinity Gauntlet" because it's not THE Infinity Gauntlet. THE Infinity Gauntlet was the series that Jim Starlin created. This? well this is something different. Quite different. It doesn't seem right to give it the exact same title.

So just what is this story, you ask. Well I recently participated in a couple interviews on the subject and Marvel has shown some of my concept art.

Here's a look along with some of my answers in those interviews.

Q: While this story shares a name with a classic Marvel tale, where do the similarities end?

A: This is a very different story. We're certainly working with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet and all that that entails, but our focus is on an original cast of characters. This is a story about a family, growing up, being a parent, and about the uncertainty of the future.

Q: What kind of inspiration did you take from Jim Starlin’s original series?

A: When I was offered this job, I hadn't read any of Jim Starlin's original Infinity Gauntlet. Before I officially accepted the job I started reading the original and I was happy to find that there is really good stuff there. I could see why people like it. I knew that this would have to be different. There's no point in retelling that story. So, in a way, the original showed me things that this story shouldn't be. But the fun and creativity in the original is inspiring and I want to honor that by trying to create something new with that same spark.

Q: Were there other points of inspiration or other influences that had an impact on the direction of the book?

A: Oh yeah. I would say, in general, the work of Hayao Miyazaki is a big influence on me, but with this story in particular I've drawn inspiration specifically from Nausicaa and My Neighbor Totoro. The depiction of the family in Totoro and the action and dense page layouts in the Nausicaa comic were big reference points for me. I'm also setting out to make an action adventure sci-fi. So I've also found myself thinking a lot about filmmakers like Spielberg and James Cameron.

Q: The protagonists of this story are very different, with the family dynamic at play big time; where did this impetus come from and how do you find it’s adding to the work?

A: The idea to have a family at the center of this story came from editor Nick Lowe. I can't really speak to what inspired the idea for him, but I can say that I was fully on board with it. I think, since becoming a father, I've thought a lot about parenting and family. It's given me a new perspective on my own experience of growing up and on the future. I'm calling on all of this in thinking about the family in this story. The idea of family is rich ground to create a story from.

Q: Thanos appears on the cover of No. 1. What can you say about his role here? And how did you approach writing/drawing him?

A: Ah, Thanos... This is a more grizzled version of the character; he caries the weight of his experiences. He's colder, more mysterious, and impenetrable. But you can be certain, some things about Thanos will never change.

Q: Visually what are you going for here and how are you setting up your own art in the scripting process?

A: I'm doing this similarly to how I do my personal projects. I'm crafting a rough draft of the script simultaneously with the images. A big difference is that I'm kind of story boarding without much regard for layout and then going back to determine the page layouts... I don't really know how interesting this process stuff is. Suffice it to say that I'm aiming for a focus on exciting storytelling without relying to heavily on being "design-y" with the layouts. I will say that I think that this is easily my best work. I'm feeling really good about it.

Q: Were you given any particular mandates by Marvel for this new Infinity Gauntlet series? How much room is there for invention in the storytelling?

A: Yeah. Being inventive in the storytelling was actually the mandate. Sure, there are going to be certain parameters for a job of this nature, but those don't need to be obstacles for creativity. On the contrary, often parameters are what force you to be more creative.

Really, my feeling has been that what Marvel wants from me is to create in the way that I create. They've hired me to do what I do, and they push me to do it the best I can.

Q: Could you describe Anwen Bakian and the characters that will take readers through the adventure?

A: This is a story about a family. It's about being a parent as much as it's about growing up. Anwen is the older of two sisters. She is smart and courageous. She's in a difficult place of needing salvation and realizing that it might have to come from within, which I think is growing up.

Q: What familiar Marvel characters and artifacts will we see here? How does it tee up potential future cosmic stories?

A: I think the cover for Issue 1 kind of says it all. I'm not sure I want to say more than that. As for the potential for future stories, you're assuming there is a future. The future is an illusion. We merely endure the ceaseless cycle of beginning-and-end until finally oblivion, living forever in a world with no tomorrow... But, for one, this will not be so. For one there will be no oblivion, there will be Infinity.

Q: How would you characterize the overall tone of this series?

A: My hope is that it will be fun and adventurous with heart and intelligence.

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Thanks for reading. I hope to have a new update on S.H.I.E.L.D. pretty soon and I'll be keeping you informed about Infinity Gauntlet as it goes.

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  1. Pretty awesome you are doing an Infinity Gauntlet arc.

  2. When are those last two SHIELD issues coming out?

    1. Hickman has told me that Marvel is planning to have them out this September. There should be a big "catch-up" issue containing vol2 #1-4. Then they'll release 5 and 6. I'm excited about it.