Friday, January 9, 2015

Entry 261: Dustin Weighs In (on 2014)

Robot 6 asked a bunch of creators to "weigh in" on what books they liked in 2014 and I was one of those creators.

I was pretty reluctant to do this. I feel really out of touch with what's going on in comics. I'm not reading anything from Marvel, DC, Image, or Dark Horse. So I feel like I'm the last guy who should say what I thought was best. But I was able to think of some things that I liked, so I decided to chime in.

Here's what I had to say

Check out what others had to say on Comic Book Resources.

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  1. Have you seen the movie Interstellar yet?
    (Also, Happy New Year...)

    1. Thanks. Happy New Year to you too.
      I haven't seen Interstellar yet. I feel like I hardly see anything anymore. Did you like it?
      By the way, not sure if you knew, but I joined twitter. I know you warned me against it, but a lot of other people kept telling me I should... I'm not sure why. I think it's mostly bad and I feel bad almost every time I'm on it... But I'm trying to have some fun with it.
      So what's your twitter name so that I can follow you?

  2. Just made myself laugh - My natural response is, "Dude, I'm not even on Twitter," which is only true in the personal sense. I do use Twitter for the store, and it's strictly bullet-points of the week's upcoming books, similar to the store Facebook posts, very few of which are indicative of my personal tastes. Lots of mainstream, cheeseburger-type stuff 'cause that's what the masses want.
    So, there's an @Sandiegocomics on Twitter, but it's not filled with any personal ruminations or witty remarks about my lunch that day (if I ever manage such things.) I don't even own a smartphone. I use computers & tablets for work, bills, & communication purposes, but I've yet to embrace them as full-fledged fetish objects.
    I have looked in on your Twitter posts from time to time. I don't think it's anything for you to feel bad about; I just always tend to gravitate more towards the areas where people write at length; hence my visits to the blog.
    I did like Interstellar. Prior to seeing it, I was intrigued by how it seemed to be dividing audience opinion. A lot of people seemed to feel obligated to endlessly compare it to Kubrick, as if Nolan's intent was to do an homage or "top" 2001 in some way (yeah, that'll work.)
    But I think if people view it without bringing excessive outside baggage to it & hang with the themes that are running throughout it, they'll be quite impressed. I actually loved it. It's definitely cerebral, not an action flick, and as much about human nature and family as it is about space exploration. There are quite a few moments in it that pushed my Dad buttons, and I look forward to seeing it again. I kind of have the feeling that it's the type of movie that will be re-evaluated by critics in 5-7 years (they get do-overs all the time.)
    I recommend it. To you.