Friday, June 6, 2014

Entry 239: MY Spider-Man!

Here is my cover for Spider-Man : Edge Of Spider-Verse #3

This project is a very special one for me because it's a big step towards my goal to be primarily a Writer/Artist. That's right, they are letting me write and draw a Spider-Man comic. It's true that I wrote the Rocksteady and Bebop issue, and I did some art assistance on it, but this will be my first published work as a writer/artist... And it's SPIDER-MAN!... Well, sort of.

Actually, this is a "re-imagining" of Spider-Man. This is a Spider-Man in an alternate, parallel universe. Hints the name "Edge of Spider-Verse". Every issue in this series will be a different Spider-Man or Woman in a different universe. So, for an issue, I get to create my own version of Spider-Man. Which, in my opinion, is so much better than working on the regular Spidey. This way I can really cut loose and get creative.

So what is my version of Spider-Man like? I'll be showing you some concept stuff later. For now I'll say that my story is kind of a sci-fi medical thriller. It also has a bit of sci-fi horror. It is also a Super Hero story. I was thinking a lot about Osamu Tezuka, David Cronenberg, and Stan Lee as I came up with this.

Anyway, I'm in the middle of working on this now... I hope it turns out good.

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  1. Fantastic! Day 1 purchase for me! Your writing is pretty good. Your drawings are awesome. I'm really intrigued!

    1. Cool! It'll be cool to hear what you think of it.

  2. The extra eye-lets on the helmet, combined with the Cronenberg reference, suggest a few things right off about this one...

    1. I'll say he doesn't have extra eyes under there. I did think of the idea of making him a freak, but I ultimately didn't go in that direction…. Though, if this were an ongoing series I could see that sort of thing start to happen.
      The extra eye-lets are actually cameras. His helmet has rear view digital displays among other sensors. I gave him these because he doesn't have spider senses. It's the only spider power he doesn't have. I guess I just think the idea of Spider senses is problematic.
      Anyway, I'll see if I can put up some of my sketches soon.