Saturday, May 24, 2014

Entry 237: AMNIA CYCLE Chapter 3 Cover



My readers, you may have noticed that I've been taking an extra long break between chapters 3 and 4 of Amnia cycle. I've taken a break between the previous chapters but this one is a little longer. The biggest reason this break has been longer is because I've moved out of Periscope studio and into a whole new studio space.

Me, Jeremy Barlow, and Ben Bates have settled into our new studio, for the most part. It's been tricky adjusting to the new set up and I don't think I'm up to %100 productivity. But you know what enough excuses.

Let's see, what's going on with me?

Final issue of S.H.I.E.L.D. is only half done at this point. Colors on issue 5 are underway. We got Sonia Oback back. I haven't seen any of it yet, but we're trying to make these last two issues as good as we can.
I've started simultaneously writing and sketching Amnia chapter 4. Once I get a big chunk of it done I'll start rolling out those pages.
I've got a big "Blast from the Past" post in the works. I love doing these posts. I think this one will be a good one. Lot's of never before seen art.
Then there is a secret project that I've begun working on. It involves me writing, me drawing, and Marvel. It'll only be an issue and you'll never guess what it is, but I'm excited about it.

Maybe in my next post I'll show you guys some SHIELD 6 art.

Till then
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    1. Thanks! I was happy to get to show these characters in this more realized art style.

  2. Are you gonna give us the inside scoop on your Spider-man project now that it's been announced officially?

  3. Yeah! I mean, I'll have to find out what I can and can't show, but I'll get on that blog entry now... Oh and thanks for giving me the heads up on it having been announced.