Thursday, October 3, 2013

Entry 194: INFINITY #3

Check it out. A page from Infinity #3!

And if you think that's intense, read more.

Told ya.

Those are the last two pages from Infinity #3 Drawn by me with colors by the incomparable, Justin Ponsor.

It was cool to do the lettering on the page with Black Bolt yelling "NO". I really want to do more of my own sound effect lettering on the page, rather than leave it up to the letterer.

Here are those pages without Justin's colors.

This stuff is me fully reaching in to my bag of Manga tricks. The lettering for that yell was inspired by stuff I've seen in Yusuke Murata's One Punch Man.

(Seriously, seriously, check out One Punch Man )

And that explosion is kind of like an explosion Hisao Tamaki did in the Star Wars: A New Hope Manga. (Also, really worth checking out.)

And then, as always, ever-present in my work is the Otomo influence.

I will point out that that city has almost no straight lines. It's all drawn by hand and I hardly used a ruler.  The gray tones were done in photoshop.

Here's another page from this issue that I like.

The Earth in panel one was a zipaton style pixellized photo with some photoshop drawing on it.

While I'm putting up black and white pages, might as well put some on here from issue 2 as well.

So, those were pages from Infinity #2 and #3. But, I'm just going to say that #4 is my favorite.

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  1. Hey Dustin - I'll start by joining you in the praise for Justin's work. I have to imagine that working with 2 different art styles and in 2 different locales within the same book must be so challenging. He pulls off eye popping environments that are distinct yet keeps the imagery flowing cohesively through the series. I want my eyeballs back Justin!
    But man...this Black Bolt page is so powerful. Just in terms of the impact to the overall story and the collatoral damage happening to New York now may even fuel more human vs inhuman rage. And really it's not fair that you rendered that city mostly freehand and without any digital tools like Sketch Up? Ridiculous. Seriously.
    And props to you for rendering the vibration of his tuning fork as well..great attention to that oftenly missed detail.

    Looking forward to more behind the scenes of #4!

    1. Thanks, Rhandy!
      I really appreciate all the kind words.
      You know there is some cool potential behind the Inhumanity idea with the inhumans on earth. I have no idea what the plans are, but I do see the potential in the idea. We'll see how it plays out after this.

  2. Wow! I must admit, when I looked at that these pages upon purchasing the comic, I was in awe of your art. I haven't seen Black Bolt scream like that since World War Hulk #1... which took a chunk off the moon the size of Rhode Island! I think it's safe to say that Thanos isn't walking (or possibly limping away) unscathed after this altercation. I honestly can't wait to see what transpires next.

    And you mentioned being envious of Opena doing all the space art for Infinity? I think he probably feels the same way when he looks at the epic work you're doing on Earth while the Avengers are off-world. Overall, this is truly fantastic!


    1. Thanks and thanks for commenting.
      When I got the script for issue 4, I wasn't jealous of Jerome any more. Hopefully it's as much fun read as it was to draw.
      You know, Black Bolt's scream and the level of it's destruction is a strange thing to think about. I know you aren't calling it into question, but your comment brings up some things I've thought about this.
      Obviously, in this comic he isn't blasting a chunk out of the planet and yet he really looks like he's yelling his lungs out. Maybe I made his yell more intense looking than I should have given the amount of destruction he's creating, but to my mind, I wanted that page turn to make you jump out of your seat. You could think of it as a heightened stylized depiction of the reality. The truth is we can't actually hear the sound he's making. It could sound very different than it looks. And even trying to think about different sounds he could make and how they create destruction, verges into some "silly science" territory...
      Anyway, I know you weren't bringing this kind of conversation up. I'm just getting some thoughts out... Actually, I should be saving this for my next blog post.

  3. Your work is awesome! Even if small I love your Spider-Man in the page of Proxima Midnight attack (I also love the Spidey you drew in S.H.I.E.L.D. v2 4! I'm waiting for you on his title!
    The only thing I hate is that you won't draw Cap since he's in space. Yes, I'm in love with the way you draw him! I'm waiting for you to come back on Avengers (I bought two copies of this month's Italian edition of Avengers, which contains issues 7 and 8! The fight with Starbrand is awesome. It's a pity you couldn't draw all the pages of issue 9, but probably you were already working on Infinity). You WILL come back on Avengers, won't you????

  4. Love your Dr. Strange Dustin! I haven't been commenting but have been looking. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Sean. I just wish I had more of a chance to draw anyone of these characters a little more. I find it takes a little while to get used to drawing a character. With Infinity, I'm not really getting a lot of space to get into any characters.

      And thanks for reading. That's more important than commenting.