Thursday, August 1, 2013

Entry 184: AMNIA CYCLE pages1-2

This is the first two page installment of AMNIA CYCLE, a comic I drew entirely on a plane.

The title "Amnia Cycle" is from "Amnia Circle OP" which is an anagram of "Airplane Comic." 

I have trouble sleeping on planes and shortly into a recent flight I decided to spend all my time in the air drawing a comic. I didn't know what the comic would be. It was created almost a panel at a time. I drew it with a pencil in my sketchbook.

All of the gray tones were created in photoshop once I was back home. And, though I knew basically what the dialog was in my mind as I drew it, I didn't write the script until I was back home. All of the dialog was placed in in photoshop. 

In a way, Amnia Cycle is kind of a warm up for the comic I will begin putting on line this fall called SAGITTARIUS A*. They are similar both in their subject matter and the way that they are drawn. 

I've put up some promotional images for Sagittarius A* here on my blog already, but with the start of Amnia Cycle I thought I'd show you a little more from Sagittarius A*.

Here is a new title header for Sagittarius A*

Go to my Sagittarius A* blog for more.

I'll be updating Amnia Cycle with two page installments each week. So, see you next week.

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  1. It wasn´t difficult draw in a plane?

    Amnia Cycle looks great.

    By the way, I´m Alfred, Huge fan... I´m still wating SHIELD #5 and #6

  2. It was kind of difficult., mostly when there were turbulence. But, overall it wasn't that bad. There is something kind of good about being trapped in the chair, buckled to it... I'm thinking i should get a seat belt put on my chair in my studio.
    It's going to feel really good to get back to drawing Shield.