Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Entry 160: The Thrilling Adventure Hour

EVERYONE! I'm a little late on this-- but there is still time!

Still time to shine yer astro-spurs, don yer robot fists, and DONATE to  

They have already reached their goal. So, the graphic novel will be made, but they do have some sweet stretch goals that I hope you will help make a reality.

And what's that? A cover by me? YES! MAYBE! Actually this image I did- not to be the cover of the book but to be a poster for their show. And I did it as a fan donation. They asked if I would mind them using it as the cover for the mock-up of their graphic novel, and I said that was fine by me. In the end it may or may not end up being the cover to the actual book. Though I didn't design it to be a book cover, it really doesn't look half bad as one.

Now you're thinking-- "What is the Thrilling Adventure Hour? And why have you, Dustin Weaver, so generously donated a piece to them that will one day no doubt be hung in a museum as one of the great masterpieces of our time?" Now you are thinking-- "How does he know what I'm thinking?" Now you're thinking-- "Ha. he's kidding. It's a joke." Now you're thinking-- "Oh my god, it's not a joke! Some how he knows what I'm thinking!" Now you're thinking-- "I need to think of something he couldn't possibly know just to make sure he's really reading my mind." Now you're thinking-- "Why can't I think of anything?" Now you're thinking-- "This is really freaking me out." etc etc

To respond to your first thought-- The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a podcast in the style of old-time radio shows. It's recorded on a stage with live actors, musicians, and an audience. It's a lot of fun! And why would I donate art to a podcast? Well, podcasts might be one of the greatest gifts the internet has given to comic book artists... I mean, other than the ability to connect with fans and promote our projects, oh and the ability to collaborate with other creators half way around the world, oh and the endless amount of visual reference, and oh yeah the ability to publish our work to the entire world with the click of a button. Other than that stuff there are podcasts. They are good to listen to while you're working-- and one of the most fun and unique shows I listen to is The Trilling Adventure Hour. I thought it would be fun, as a fan, to draw some of the characters. And I thought I could show my support by donating the piece.

I'm almost done here. Go check out the podcast on itunes or here Thrilling-Adventure-Hour.

And go become a backer on Kickstarter.

Here are some "fan art" sketches I did. These are what led to the poster image.

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