Saturday, October 8, 2011

Entry 130: New York, New York

Start Spreading the News!
Hey, everybody-
Dustin Weaver here, you know the guy who "writes" this blog you're reading right now, just wanting to let you know that I will be in New York City this week for the New York Comic Con. (Also, what do you think of my new catch phrase, "start spreading the news." Catchy huh?) That's right, I want to be a part of it, and I will. I'll have a table in artist alley that I'll be sharing with my friend, Jeremy Barlow. We will be located at table L13.  If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere. That location, L13, seems as good as any. I'll also be signing at the Marvel booth from 11am to 12pm on Friday.

Please come by our table and say hi. I'll sign comics. I'll have some comics I can sell to you. I'll talk to you. I'll be nice. I might be able to do a sketch for you, though my commission list is already booked up. Sometimes I can squeeze in some sketching. Jeremy will bath. It will be nice.

So come on by. Tell them that Dustin sent you, and by them I mean us. It will freak me out for a second until I remember writing this blog entry.

Anyway, I'm excited. These vagabond shoes are longing to stray! Same with my vagabond socks.

So, see you there!

Here's a page from SHIELD Volume 2 #3 which is out this week!


  1. Wow, this page is intense!
    It brings to mind the last scenes of Akira, where the city is crumbling.
    Man, this is just amazing detail. I really like the perspective as well.
    You'd absolutely kill on a Godzilla comic.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the issue this week.
    Have a great NY Comic-Con. Hope you get to enjoy some NYC-centric food & sights.
    ( Fyi: Artichoke Basille's now got the best pizza in the city - there's 3 locations in NYC now, & it's well worth hitting as a late-night spot.)

    Frank J

  2. How can your list be closed a week before the convention? Man that sucks. I check this blog EVERY DAY for such info. I even tried to email you but never heard back. I never saw an announcement about taking a list, how did people know to sign up and what the particulars are? sean w

  3. Oh, Sean. Oh, man, I'm sorry. I did get your email about doing a commission. And you did mention the NYCC in your e-mail. See, I mark all the e-mails I get that are commission requests and go back through them when a show is coming up to see who mentioned that show and then I e-mail those people back to work out the details. I make my list based on who e-mailed me first. When I was combing through those emails to find the people who were interested in getting a NYCC commission I missed yours because you were so far ahead of everyone else. I'm sorry about that.
    But it does mean that if you're still interested I'll be putting you at the top of the list. It's cool, my list has some flexibility. Would you still want the Dr. Strange you mentioned in your e-mail?

  4. That is very cool of you Dustin. Thank you. And I appreciate you responding so quickly. Yes Dr. Strange would be great although I was also going to give you the option of Asgardian Storm (first introduced and designed by Art Adams). I will be there everyday but Saturday, so I will check with you pretty early. Thank you again, and for not taking my grumpy post against me. - sean