Thursday, September 1, 2011

Entry 127: Interview, L'Enfant, Barlow

If this is your first time visiting here: Hello and welcome. My name is Dustin Weaver I draw comics and this is my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

If you're  a regular visitor: Hey... me again. Wanna see some more drawings? No? Well, I haven't got anything else. It's pretty much all I do.

Moving on!

-My first order of business: I recently did an interview at Multiversity Comics. Please go check it out! Multiversity Comics Interview
Let me know if I sound like a dick.

-Second order of business: SHIELD got a review on the Geek Dad blog, and they were very nice! That's a super great sight and you should check it out. You can find that review here Geek Dad's spotlight on SHIELD

-Third order of business: Speaking of being a geek dad, I suppose I qualify as a geek dad and I'm currently developing a project that draws a lot of inspiration from my daughter.

Jeremy Barlow and I are in the early stages of developing another short story for another Image anthology. Jeremy and I last collaborated on They'll Bury You Where You Stand!, a short western which appeared in the anthology Outlaw Territory volume 2. In that story we were ably to express our love for European comics and spaghetti westerns, and we continue our Euro comic love with this new short story tentatively titled L'Enfant D'Etoiles.
L'Enfant D'Etoiles well be an epic space sci-fi along the lines of books like The Metabarons- but with a baby. And yeah, my daughter is a big inspiration for this character.

Here's a look at the design for L'Enfant with different color schemes. Look at them. Tell me which one you like. I should say that though my daughter is a girl, L'Enfant is a boy... Well actually, one might assume he's a boy. I'm not sure if we'll be confirming that or not.

-Fourth order of business: (am I still doing this "order of business" thing) They'll Bury you Where You Stand! -you can now read in it's entirety right here on this blog. Check it out. You can find the link to the page on the right side

-Which leads into my last order of business: Jeremy Barlow has a new blog! Check it out. Obviously, he is a friend of mine, we collaborated on TBYWYS! and now you can find out a whole lot more about him. Jeremy Barlow's Blog!

On his blog you can read another short story that he did with Ben Bates, A guy I have also mentioned here on my blog.

Here are a couple pages from that.

Find more of Ben Bates's stuff on his sight at He's the best thing to happen to Sonic The Hedgehog comics in ever.

I'm still working on issue 3 of Shield v2. Jesus, is this a hard issue. When you see it I think you'll know what I mean. We'll talk more about it then, provided I survive it. 


  1. Very cool design for L'Enfant. My favorite is the first one - red helmet & baby blue bodysuit. I think it makes the gender a little more ambiguous & would look great in an outer space setting.
    I like the "pacifier" & "outsie bellybutton" aspects of the suit - it's there a word for 'cool' & 'cute' combined??

    Just read the Multiversity interview - Not dickish at all. Straightforward & well-spoken.
    Good call on Superman by Jodorowsky.
    Bet he'd have an interesting take on Lois & Clark's relationship.

    True Story From Long Ago: As a gift for my 20th birthday, my family gave me a HC copy of A Clockwork Orange that was signed by Anthony Burgess.
    Needless to say, it was a prized possession.
    Flash forward a few years: One night when I was out, my college roommates were wasted & decided they needed something
    flat to do lines on... so they ripped the covers off of the first book they saw on my desk.
    Which happened to be...

    (Yet another reason I should have skipped college.)

    Frank J

  2. It's true. I've seen those SHIELD pages and he might not survive them.

    Bates and I are his corner men. We rub his shoulders between rounds, hold the bucket he as spits blood into it. Slap his face and tell him not to be a quitter. "Head, body, head, body! Watch those vanishing points! Don't cross those light sources!" Cut his eye so he can see after those pages land some hard ones. It's not pretty.

  3. Oh that looks like fun!
    Not to be a grammar nazi or anything, but if you're going '├ętoiles', it should be 'enfants'. In case you'll have more French in your story, I'll be happy to proof-read that for you!
    I also think the read & blue/gray or the blue & gray color schemes work best.

  4. Frankj3k- Oh, Man! What fuckers. That is just the worst. Is that what college is about? I wouldn't know because I never went. But this story helps support my belief that I did the right thing. Seriously, couldn't they have done it on the desk where they got the book? A desk is flat. I mean all right, I do all my blow off a copy of American Psycho signed by Brent Easton Ellis, but it's mine!

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Deadline nearly did me in. I wanted to say thanks for the comments on this post and the Star Watcher post. Your comment on that post meant a lot. Especially because it was the ONLY ONE I GOT! Are you out there? (talking to everyone else here, frankj3k) What, the star watcher piece does nothing for you?. Oh well, as if I'm any better at commenting on posts I read. I guess the Beatles were right, " The love you make is equal to the love you take." Or was that Einstein?

    And yeah, "cool and cute" is exactly what I'm aiming for. "Cewlt"? Not sure how to spell the mashing up of those two words.

  5. The only one you got?! What about Jeremy Barlow? & mine?
    Hello? Are YOU there? -_^

  6. Comic export- Oh no. Sorry for the miss understanding. I was referring to frankj3k's single comment on my last blog entry entitled "Starwatcher", not this post. I knew about your and Jeremy's comments on this entry and I was going to respond. Well, I was going to respond to you anyway. Jeremy doesn't get a response, that smart ass.
    Anyway, to respond to your comment. Nether Jeremy nor myself speak French, so we're kind of unsure on how the title should be. The point is that he is "The Child of the Stars". He's a space baby or a star child. I'm sure there will be more french in the story. Maybe you could help with that. It'll still be a while before start really working on it.

  7. Sorry for misunderstanding. I guess sometimes people just don't really have anything (printworthy) to say. By which I mean, as always, your art is stellar (see what I did there), but it must get dull hearing that every time, right? :-)
    Child of the Stars, I think, would best read: l'enfant des ├ętoiles.
    Hit me up if you need more French!