Thursday, July 28, 2011

Entry 123: S.H.I.E.L.D. Volume II # 2 Is COMING!

Hello, folks. How's it going? Are you doing good? What do you think of parmesan cheese? Somebody told me if I want to get more responses on this blog I should ask more questions. So, what's going on with you? See any good movies lately? What about crushed red pepper, you like that?

I'm not really trying to drum up more responses, but I do actually have a question for you. So this is a brand new blog. I'm still working on it, I guess... So what do you think? Is there anything that is just bugging you about it, something that looks bad. Should I change the fonts? Was it worth leaving live journal for. I'll tell you this, just 2 days after my last post on live journal a bunch of my LJ posts were spammed. That helped me feel justified in the move.

 What do you think of the slide show thingies on the side over here on the right? I still want to make ones for my Star Wars stuff, X-men stuff, and even my King Kong stuff. Oh and I want to put all of "They'll Bury You Where You Stand!" on there too.

And what about SHIELD? Do you like SHIELD? Specifically SHIELD Volume II #2? You haven't read it? Well allow me to show you some pages from it. Actually, you know what, it's really not up to you. I'm going to show you the preview whether you like it or not.

Just click the "read more"...  do it.

Thank you. Was that so hard.

Now, the preview

Here's Gerald Parel's freaking great cover!

Here's My cover with colors by Sonia Oback!

Here are some pages.

If you'd like to see some of these pages in black and white check out the SHIELD slide show on the right.

And finally, my gray tone sketch for the cover followed by an alternate version that I also really liked.


  1. I love how Da Vinci's lab turned out. The detail you put in is spot on.

    Does Stark have powers, or is he just using SCIENCE! to do everything?

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    It was fun to revisit Da Vinci's lab and workshop in this issue. I first drew them in issue 1 of the first volume.
    Stark doesn't have powers. It's SCIENCE!

  3. Hey Dustin! I left a comment about how slick your new site was back on the Harry Potter post, but evidently I didn't get proper clearance. So, here I am again lavishing more praise on your super sharp blog. You manage to up the ante with every new SHIELD issue, it makes me sick. Kidding! You're an inspiration to us all. The teenage celestial is terrifying! I have a feeling it's going to make a mess and not clean it up.

  4. Hi Dustin,
    The new site looks great. It's like a more comprehensive DeviantArt page.
    Slideshows are great. It's hard not to stare excessively at a lot of those pieces.
    Those Shield #2 covers are insanely good!
    Love the interiors as well. Great book. Always look forward to picking it up.
    Movies: Check out Clooney's "The American."
    The pace was too European for it to do major box office in America, but man, it is a thing of beauty. Director Anton Corbijn's background is in photography & the shot compositions alone are worth a long look. Lots more to recommend it as well. Check it out!

  5. Aaron, when you say, "You're an inspiration to us all," it reads totally sarcastic to me and it makes me laugh.
    So I started using google reader because of you. It's great. Of course I'm following your blog. In fact, I should put a link to your sight on here... There, done.
    When are you coming down to the scope again?

  6. Frankj3k, thanks so much for the feedback.
    The American huh? I'll have to check that out. It might take me a while to get to it. I haven't had a lot of time for movies lately. I did take some time out of my work day to go see Captain America. Is The American any thing like Captain America? :)

  7. Ha! Captain America, I could take my kids to. The American is best viewed after the little ones are in bed for the night. :)
    Each is very good, I think. Just (vastly) different themes , different storytelling techniques.
    At the end of Capt. America, I was actually more primed for a solo Cap sequel than an Avengers one.
    What did you think of it?

    (And I hear you about having time for movies - I'll be back to the 12-hour-a-day thing on Monday morning.)

  8. I liked Captain America. It's probably my favorite Marvel Avenger movie so far. (I wasn't as impressed with Iron Man as everyone else seemed to be.) I think this genre is in Joe Johnston's blood and he does it well.
    I think it could have ended better, but over all I liked it.
    What I didn't like was Cowboys And Aliens. What crap.

  9. Funny you should mention that stink-bomb...