Friday, March 11, 2011

Entry 111: Portland Comics Interview

I recently did an interview with fellow Portlander, Doug Dorr. The interview is now on his Blog, Portland Comics, which is solely about the comics scene here in Portland. Yes, there are enough comic creators here in Portland to have a regularly updated blog about it.

Check out that Interview Here Portland Comics- Questions- Dustin Weaver

Now you might be wondering- what is with the movie poster?
Well, it has absolutely nothing to do with the interview.

I didn't want to use an entry just to tell you about the interview without providing you with a little content. So I thought I'd tell you about Ghost Party.

Years ago there was something called Myspace and my buddy DJ and I created a myspace page dedicated to the Whuddist religion. The movie poster seen above was created for that myspace page to go with this myspace blog entry. Enjoy:

Whudda's new favorite movie.

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To all of my followers. Every whuddist should see this movie! I just rented it from the local library and, whammo! I was slapped in the face with a truly sincere look into the heart of filmmaking glory. No I'm not kidding. Some of you out there (rightly so) will not venture into the unexplored woods of the cinematic jungle unless you have sample it's fruits and moss specimens. That is why I am giving you a full summary of the film's plot. It's called Ghost Party. It opens with a glorious shot of the Wyoming landscape circa 1865. Neon credits flash to the swelling score of "Some Like it Hot" as we see a tribe of North American Indians harvesting their crops. The first half hour of the film tells the story of the final years of Wakanawe, a Klickitat indian. I was truly touched by this compassionate and authentic portrayal of native american life. But wait, there's more! After Wakanawe is given an honorary indian burial we follow him into the afterlife as a ghost! Decades pass and Wakanawe's burial grounds are turned into a suburban neighborhood. Potential home owners are frightened away, one after another, by the remaining specter of Wakanawe, who ironically just wants to be left alone to read an old literary classic. Eventually a quiet and lonely man settles into the house who turns out to be a psychotic serial killer. He goes out, night after night, slaying necking teenagers and bringing their corpses to his suburban home. Unfortunately for Wakanawe, this ongoing killing spree fills the house with a bunch of rambunctious teenage ghosts, and you can guess what happens next: GHOST PARTY baby! Scenes of adolescent mayhem are juxtaposed with gruesome and bloody killings. Poor ole Wakanawe can't get a page read for the life (I mean DEATH) of him. Finally, the noise caused by the teenager's antics leads the serial killer to be evicted from the household, and all of the ghosts of his teenage victims along with him. Wakanawe is finally able to read his book as the camera watches him reading NONSTOP, page after page, silent without any narration until on hour later (in real time) he finishes the book. We then see the landlord going through the serial killer's left over belongings as he comes acrossed  the victims corpses. The landlord get's turned on by the lifeless body of a hot teenage girl and approaches the camera, zipping down his pants. The screen fades to black and the credits roll to the tune of "Louie Louie". Now come on folks! If you consider yourself a true wuddhist you will go out immediately and rent this film. Feel free to ask me any questions about this cinematic masterpiece if you can't hunt it down.

Now go check out the interview if your haven't already, and, as always, check out DJ's blog


  1. Excellent interview, especially the Clowes shout out (LIKE A VELVET GLOVE CAST IN IRON remains one of my faves) and the interesting revelations re Twitter, Facebook etc. You and Stephen King will be the only ones left when the Twitter Zombies arise :)
    GHOST PARTY sounds interesting, but reading a book for an hour in real time?! Yikes!

  2. Just dropping by to give another thank you for the incredible, flawless, gorgeous Captain Wonder Woman piece. I love everything about it - her pose, her expression, her clothes, the movement, the pirate ship. Beautiful. Thanks again, Dustin! Do you want a hi-res (...I think it's hi-res) scan?
    Awesome interview. It was cool reading about your life experiences, your process, and other interests. And I can totally relate to your comments about social media and networking sites, especially because I experience "comment anxiety" as a distance education (online) student. I try not to care, but you know how that goes.
    Ghost Party needs to happen like, yesterday. I'd watch it opening night, buy the blu-ray, rock the t-shirt, and attend the conventions devoted to it.

  3. Like a Velvet Glove is easily in my top 10 favorite comics of all time.
    And yes, Ghost Party has some daring film making

  4. Sorry for taking so long to respond. It's a shitty thing to do when someone has just said they have "comment anxiety." If your anything like me you'll come away from this response like, "that's it? I was waiting for that?" Or maybe I've made you wait so long that I've pushed you to the point where you think that you've somehow offended me and just knowing that you haven't will feel nice.
    I don't know. I'm getting better about these things.
    Anyway, I'm really glad you like the piece. Thanks for requesting something interesting. I had a lot of fun with it.
    I would like a scan, if you wouldn't mind. You can e-mail it to me.
    DJ had forgotten a lot about Ghost Party until I posted this. After reading it again, He said it would be cool to do a short condensed Ghost Party comic. It would only amount to like 4 or 5 very dense pages, but it would be something. Maybe someday.