Monday, November 29, 2010



Here's a page from the ol' sketch book that I decided to through some quick colors on. I think it would be cool to do a crossover between Batman and the Italian comic character Diabolik and set it in the 60's. I've never read a Diabolik comic so my idea of him is completely based off the movie Danger Diabolik. He seems to me to be a lot like Batman, but he's a bad guy, and his sidekick is his hot girlfriend, Eva. I would want Batman to be a "cool version" of the Adam West Batman. Think the Adam West kind of look with a animated series kind of attitude.

Another DC comic, European comic crossover that will never happen, but that I think would be really cool: Superman-Metabaron

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  1. I love DANGER DIABOLIK so much! They both have their own batcaves, too.

  2. Diabolik is more like the French supervillain Fantomas, who could be considered one of the proto-Batmen.
    If you want to see a Japanese Fantomas/Diabolik riff, watch the movie K-20. That one's a ton of fun.

  3. Man, I really find cool adam west there super-appealing. I'd totally want to read a book about him.

  4. Except Batman's cave doesn't have a rotating bed with a pillar of tv's in the middle. Dude, you might enjoy this. Here's a sight where you can download the Danger Diabolik soundtrack for free along with a lot of other great 60's 70's Italian soundtracks.

  5. Thanks for the info. I didn't know anything about Fantomas. I looked him up to see what I could learn. I found that there was at least one Fantomas-Sherlock Holmes crossover. This would be kind of like that I imagine.
    I'll have to check out K-20.

  6. I actually have the soundtrack already! That link looks awesome though.

  7. Oooh... Thanks for the link. I love movie scores.

  8. I don't read X-Men books, but from what I gather the X-villain Fantomex that Grant Morrison created is also a Fantomas riff.
    I was introduced to Fantomas through the series of French action comedies from the 1960s/early 1970s. I had no idea he had originally been a French pulp character.
    BTW, I have some English Diabolik comics, published in the 1990s by Scorpion Press. I don't know if they're still available, but you could, if you want, keep an eye out for them at cons.

  9. And yeah, of course the Danger Diabolik score rocks. It's Morricone.

  10. cool
    Love the idea. Keep us up to date as to when it will be published.

  11. Must remember I just got the Danger Diabolik movie on DVD - this looks particularly cool!

  12. Just to say that i just loveeeeee this idea hahaha, I would read this!

    I'm a huge Diabolik fan and Batman definitely is my favorite comic heroe :).

    1. I still haven't read any Diabolic comics. If I ever had an opportunity to create a book like this (not going to happen, by the way) I'd have to get my hands on those comics.
      Thanks for the comment.