Sunday, October 3, 2010

Entry 101- Out Oct 6!

How-be, Popners-

This week SHIELD #4 hits the stands PLUS the long awaited Outlaw Territory Volume 2... Well, long awaited by me at leased. It's exciting. I can't wait to see how they both look in print.

Here's a look at the covers. Just in case you're thinking of picking one or both of them up. This is what to look for.

If you'd like to see some preview art-

Here's  look at the always great Gerald Parel Shield cover followed by some preview pages.

Of course, once again, colors on Shield are by Christina Strain and, as always, she's doing a fantastic job.

But here's a look at the black and white version and a look at my gray scale sketch.


  1. Unreal. Your level of detail on the Shield cover is a knockout (as usual.)
    This is the only book out there where I've found myself buying variant covers.
    Looks like I'm on the hook again this week.
    Thanks - I think ;)
    Agreed on C. Strain's colors - The visuals on this book are a feast (story's not too shabby, either.)
    Looking forward to the Outlaw Territory story as well.

  2. Oh man, he is using his wing ding thing to go to the sun? Holy poop!