Thursday, August 19, 2010

Entry 99: They'll Burry You Where You Stand! IS COMING!

That's right, big fat guy, something IS coming!

Finally, Mine and Jeremy Barlow's short Western story, They'll Bury You Where You Stand! is coming out. It will appear in Outlaw Territory Volume 2. Here's the ad that I believe was in Previews with a look at the cover.

There you have it. October 6th is the date. 240 pages of old west goodness.

I posted about this story some time ago and why it's an important project to me. You can check that post out here. Entry 68
Jeremy and I worked closely on this thing. If you're not familiar with Jeremy and his work. You should check out his sight at Jeremy He's a talented writer with a lot of great ideas. He's also very versatile. He's primarily known for his Star Wars work, but I hope this story shows that he's got a lot more to offer.

Here's another page.


  1. Awesome art as always. Creepy Dracula-like judge is creepy!

  2. Ah yeah the awesome looking Moebius/Giraud mashup. I have to wonder how long a podunk town like that is going to last with a mortality of 2 a day.

  3. This looks great. Glad I pre-ordered it.
    It's always difficult to gauge these anthologies from the solicitation alone, but I thought this one had a terrific lineup of creators on it.
    We can add Westerns to the list of things you excel at drawing.
    The faces in panel 3 of the second page are cringe-worthy.
    I'm afraid to ask what you used for inspiration!

  4. Thanks for pre-ordering.
    Actually I lot of the faces in this story did come from a single source. It's a movie...
    Maybe when the book comes out I'll drop some hints as to what that source is and see if people can guess it. And the first person to give the right answer will get a prize.