Thursday, February 11, 2010

Entry 82: DA VINCI


Step aside Spiderman. Talk to the hand Ironman. Go EF yourself Captain America. There is a new hero in town- Leonardo Da Vinci.

Hello again, and so soon after the last entry.

That's right this image recently appeared in Previews magazine. This is a variant cover for SHIELD #1 by yours truly.

Apparently Marvel has decided to do a black and white variant version of this issue, which, if it's true, is pretty damn cool! I try to make my pages feel complete without color and I think my work is sometimes stronger left in black and white. It will be exciting for me to see the issue like this.
Marvel was apparently working with a earlier version of this image because this is not the final version...

This is-


  1. O_o Marvel jumping on the Assassin's Creed bandwagon?

  2. Awesome art! Love his inventions filling the room.
    btw- please tell me Marvel haven't given him a female love interest~!

  3. Dat chest
    I am now gay for Leonardo

  4. Honestly, I don't think Marvel or Jonathan were thinking of Assassin's Creed when this idea was being formed. As for myself, I don't play video games but I did become familiar with AC while doing research. I know that Da Vinci is in the game but I haven't seen what he looks like in it. I'm pretty curious though. The stuff that I've seen from that game looks pretty cool.


  6. Thanks, man. Oh and he's unattached... But what will Cyclops think?

  7. Da Vinci was a beautiful man. It's a fact.

  8. Heh. At least they didn't team him with a busty Mona Lisa who smiles enigmatically after kicking Skrull arse. Oh crap, I shouldn't be giving Marvel ideas *g*
    Hey, Cyke owes me after the whole "Emma Frost" debacle *g*

  9. That is amazing. Look at that detail!

  10. Really? That's how he looks in the game? He looks like Jared Leto. I kind of liked this take on how he looked:
    I went ahead and gave him a beard because he's more iconic that way.

  11. Great Job
    Hey Dustin, Aaron's dad here. We met briefly at ECCC last year .... you were busy working on a wondrous page for a guy in Spain. Anyway, I didn't realize you were working on this and the image really jumped out at me even before I knew it was yours. Just astounding detail. Aaron tells me you're a fan of some of my favorites like Moebius, Travis Charest and it looks like you enjoy Herge's Tin Tin work. We had the chance to see the cartoon museum in Brussels a few years ago and that got me back into looking at Tin Tin. Too bad the movie didn't get made. I was looking forward to it. I look forward to Shield #1!

  12. Re: Great Job
    Yeah, I remember meeting you. I was talking to Aaron just the other day about how you like Travis's stuff. I was showing him the Spacegirl book. I've got Travis's sketch books and the book that he did with Jodorowsky and didn't finish. If you ever come down to the studio you can check out any of the books that I've got. My collection of Moebius stuff is not complete but pretty respectable.
    What do you mean, the Tin Tin movie isn't getting made??? Last I heard all the motion capture stuff was already shot and was getting finished up by Peter Jackson and the guys at Weta. I heard they were going to do a trilogy. I hope it's still happening.

  13. Wow, this is gorgeous stuff. I'm so excited! After reading Fritjof Capra's 'The Science of Leonardo' I've been on such a da Vinci kick. I mean, I always knew he was amazing, but I didn't realize exactly how much he'd done, and how much he advanced science all on his own. It makes perfect sense that he'd be an agent of S.H.E.I.L.D!
    I love all the little easter eggs you've included if you know what to look for.

  14. I haven't read that book. I probably should. It's really easy to take Da Vinci for granted. With researching him for this book I think I've gained an appreciation for what he did. It's easy to say that yeah he was a master artist and inventor with out really knowing much about him, but to actually look into what he did you discover why he's considered to to be so great.
    Thanks for paying attention to the easter eggs:)

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