Thursday, August 27, 2009

Entry 74: Aeon Con Sketch

I found this on line. It's a convention sketch I did at this past Emerald City convention. I remember the guy was doing a sketchbook where he asked the artist to just do a piece related to their favorite Sci-Fi. There were only 2 pieces in it and they were both Blade Runner.
I'm a big fan of the Aeon Flux cartoon series. Back when it was just the short cartoons it was the only reason to watch Liquid Television.  If I watched an episode of Liquid Television and there wasn't an Aeon short I was very disappointed. Then when it was a cartoon series I recorded almost every episode and watched them again and again. I highly recommend the dvd set.  Aeon Flux isn't my absolute favorite Sci-Fi and though the cartoon and the original shorts would make my top 10 list of favorite sci-fi's I could have easily gone with something ells. But I just wanted to draw Aeon.


  1. Liquid Television Aeon Flux was awesome :icon: I loved her spinoff cartoon too, but the LT shorts were always the best. I had nightmares about the one with the long-limbed, spindly alien and the jungle-gym trap thingy. The less said about the film the better...

  2. Yeah those aliens were freaky. The shorts were the best. I think my favorite was "War." I can remember when I heard that they were making it a cartoon series with talking I thought oh no, they're going to ruin it. But, I really think the series is just as good as the shorts, but in different ways.