Monday, August 17, 2009

Entry 71: Ghost Riders Heaven's on Fire #4

Alright! My first cover for Marvel is done and here it is.

This will be the cover for Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire #4.

I've done a few sketches of GR in my sketch books over the years but I've always wanted to do a finished piece. He's a great looking character. He's so simple and pure. Leather, spikes, chains, motorcycle, and a flaming skull, it doesn't get more bad ass than that. If you tried to get more bad ass than that, then you'd be trying to hard.

I'd really like to do more GR covers but I'm about to dive into a project that is going to be pretty demanding. So I can't really do it right now, but here's hoping there are a few more Ghost Rider pieces in my future.

These were the sketches I submitted to the editor. I don't normally do sketches with any rendering like this. This was a first. But I did find it helpful as I went into the final piece.


  1. It is so rare that I actually see that blur effect used properly, and you really nailed it here. Normally it bugs the shit out of me.
    The color palate and layout reminds me of one of those amazing old GOLD KEY covers, except even better technically. You know, the ones with the painted covers like TUROK and SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON.

  2. "How about a little fire, scarecrow?!"
    -Awesome art. Straw dude is scary (living scarecrows creep me out) and Ghostie looks awesome and dispels any lingering nasty thoughts of Nicholas Cage *g*

  3. Holy FUCK, that's pure METAL. :)
    Love your stuff, love this piece.
    And of course, this is the only appropriate soundtrack.

  4. This came out really well. Honestly, I was somewhat skeptical when I saw the sketches, but this turned out to be a beautiful piece. You did manage to do a 'classic' ghost rider cover while squeezing in some story. Good job.
    Since Wally is dead, maybe he can be resurrected as the next ghost rider.

  5. Thanks, man! Those Gold Key covers are the best. Those illustrations told story unlike so manny modern comic book covers. I try to get an element of that into every cover I've done.
    I feel like I see a lot of artists relying to heavily on photoshop effects and fancy brushes and textures to make there image interesting. The photoshop tools are great but, like photo-ref or 3-d modeling, relying on these things to much and removing your own artistry from an image starts to drains the life from it.
    It's like Juan Jimenez ones said to me, "El defecto de la mano." To which I responded,"...I. I don't speak spanish.

  6. How dare you doubt me!
    Yeah, that's the real twist at the end of Transit. Wally becomes Ghost Rider.