Saturday, July 25, 2009

Entry 69 dude: Life Drawing

Here's something a little different for this Live journal: Life drawing.

I don't do a lot of life drawing. By "life drawing" I mean drawing naked models. When I was about 19 I took a life drawing class for the first time. It got me drawing from life more than I had ever done and more than I have since. We had to do a drawing from life in our sketchbooks every day. Then there was drawing from models. It's great because you get to really examine and draw something you don't see everyday, naked people. They're interesting to draw and then they make for interesting drawings. But for me, I was far more into the drawings we had to do in our sketchbooks in the real world. Trees, buildings, people walking, talking, wearing cloths- these things seemed far more useful to me. I wasn't in life drawing for the sake of life drawing. I wanted to learn to make better comics, and there are far more clothed people in comics than there are naked- at least in my comics.  Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot from drawing the models. I knew a lot about anatomy before I took the class, but drawing from the models helped me put all those pieces together. And it showed me how light and shadow describes those pieces in ways I couldn't have thought of before. No doubt, I learned a lot by drawing from the models, but ultimately I realized that the world is full of models. They're sitting in cafes, walking down streets, they're everywhere and more importantly they're free. Sure they're clothed, but, like I said, that was useful to me.

About a year ago. Before I had joined Periscope Studio I visited a few times to do some life drawing. For a while they were organizing a session each week. It was a good way for me to meat the studio people and see if I could join. It was a lot of fun. It's good to keep in touch with how things really look, even the things you can't see. And, eventually I joined the studio, so it worked.
So these are some of the drawings I did during one session.


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