Thursday, June 25, 2009

Entry 66: Fantastic Four Giant-Size Adventures #1

Here are a couple more panels from The Adventures of Thing Thing which is now OUT! The issue is 42 pages long and only 2 of those pages are by me and are Thing Thing, but I'm really proud of those 2 pages. I'm currently working on a couple X-Men Legacy issues right now that will be out soon, but frankly, I'm more excited about Thing Thing being out. It's just a more personal project. It's also the first published work of mine where the art is completely created by me. I've worked with good inkers and good colorists, but nothing beats getting to do it all yourself. (I should thank Colleen Coover and especially Periscope intern, Ben Bates, for helping me out with flatting) Of course, my contribution isn't the only reason to pick this up. There are 40 other pages that contain some really nice work by a few of my fellow Periscopers, Rich Ellis, Colleen Coover, and of course it's all written by Paul Tobin.

Here's what the book looks like.


  1. I didn't realize that it was from an actual story!
    damn, I need to get that.
    Those panels look so good.

  2. Yep. It's an actual story. This exists in an actual Marvel comic book. Thanks again, man. If you pick it up. I hope you like.