Saturday, December 6, 2008

Entry 54: Periscope studio and Kingbreaker is coming!

For a while now I've wanted to get a studio space outside of my home to help me separate work from the rest of my life. The problem with working at home is that I end up getting distracted... a lot. I'll draw a figure then sit back in my chair and think to myself, "I wonder if i have e-mail," or, "a snack sounds good," or, "I should do the dishes." And what ends up happening is that all these little distractions and small breaks add up and cause my work to take much longer than it should and leave me with no time for a personal life. In essence my personal life becomes checking e-mail, snacking, and doing dishes. So, it has seemed to me that if I could separate my work from my life then I could actually have a life, and I've figured having a separate place for working could really help me do this.

 About a year ago I did a search for comic art studios here in Portland and fond that there's a pretty great one called Periscope studio. I emailed them about my interest in joining their studio but at that time they didn't have room for anyone new. But eventually some room opened up and I jumped on it. I've been working there now for a few months and just in time. This X-men project that I'm currently working on is really demanding. Having the studio to go to has been a big help with getting work done.

 Check out the Periscope studio web sight here.

 Speaking of that X-Men project, X-Men: Kingbreaker, The first issue will be out THIS MONTH on December 17!
The image above is from that first issue. Here is the cover by Brandon Peterson and a description of the issue.

The X-Men have been defeated. Havok , Polaris and the Starjammers are being held and tortured in the most secure prison in the universe. Marvel Girl, Korvus and Lilandra are being hunted by the Imperial Guard. Vulcan is Emperor of the Shi'Ar Empire and his expansion has begun. No King will stand when Vulcan and his armies are done. Join Christopher Yost (X-FORCE) and Dustin Weaver (Star Wars:KOTR) as they spin the story of a fight against insurmountable odds. Do not miss this mini-series that will change the shape of the Universe and pave the way for the War of Kings.

Check out more preview pages here.

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