Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Entry 52: From the Land Beyond

This past weekend I went down to Sacramento for the "From the land Beyond" Sci Fi and Horror convention. Me and Lauren had a great time chatting with fans and our table neighbors. I want to thank all the Star Wars comic fans who stopped by and said hi.
 Though the show wasn't a big draw for art collectors and sketch and commission seekers I did do some sketching just for fun while I sat there. These are the sketches I did.


  1. All three of these sketches are pretty awesome. The first is very Juan Gimenez, but I actually like it better than the Gimenez stuff I've seen. You really need to get some Dustin Weaver shoulder pads. They can go with the gold embroidered "Dust" cape.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, with the first sketch I was definitely thinking of Gimenez. Specifically his cover to "The Fourth Power."
    Now that I'm working on X-Men I think it's time I start embroidering that cape. It's pretty certain that I'm going to be on the Wizard's top 10 list after this baby comes out. I think a cape is in order. You don't think the shoulder pads are to much tho?