Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Entry 47: Rebellion #15 OUT TODAY

This baby is out today. So go pick it up, why shouldn't you? The Travis cover alone makes it worth it. If you're not convinced here's a preview of some interior pages... still not interested in picking it up. Well, what if I said please. It's the magic word. Does the magic word do anything for ya?...


  1. Will do this weekend!
    Interiors look sweet because of the tight rendering of the backgrounds and characters. How many issues of Rebellion are you working on?

  2. I've done issues 15 and 16. After that the book goes on hiatus for a year. When it comes back... who knows.

  3. Picked it up and read it yesterday. Great art! It's nice to see your take on some of the OT characters. And I still think you do the best Celeste Morn.
    Any idea what you'll be working on next? More KOTOR? I know you've done a Legacy cover (which is great); do you know if you'll get to do any of those issues?