Saturday, June 14, 2008

Entry 43: The Tenth Circle Movie!

Back in 2003 I got an opportunity to work on a really cool book called The Tenth Circle. How this opportunity came about is something I'm saving for a future "blast from the past" post, but I will say that it was the first substantial job I got in comics. Ironically it wasn't a comic. It was a novel.
I drew, inked and lettered a 35 page comic that is broken up into 4 or 5 page chunks that appear at the beginning of each chapter throughout the book. The story in the comic is meant to be written and drawn by the novel's main character, Daniel Stone, and it serves as a metaphor for what's happening to him in his life. It was written by Jodi Picoult. She's written a lot of books and is very popular. In fact in 2006, when it was released, The Tenth Circle debuted at #2 on the NY Times bestseller list and was ranked #1 on the Wall Street Journal and Publisher's Weekly bestseller lists! How many other other comic book artists have bestselling books?

And now it's becoming a movie! Well, a Lifetime Movie but a movie none the less. I know that its being a Lifetime movie doesn't sound too promising but Jodi's seen it, or at least an early cut of it and assures me that it's good. She says it doesn't feel like a Lifetime Movie. She also tells me that my art is prominently featured! So I'm in the movies now. Pretty cool, hu? Hopefully the cut she's seen is what will air.
It airs on the Lifetime network on June 28th at 9pm et/pt. Here's a link to the info on the Lifetime website. They actually have a good portion of the comic on the sight. Check it out.

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