Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Entry 40: Emerald City Convention

As I mentioned back in Entry 23, For the first time in my career I've been invited to be a guest at a convention! This weekend I'll be at the Emerald City Comic Convention in Seattle. I'll be at table B-10. (I've indicated where I'll be on the map below) If you make it to the show, please come by and say hi.
See you there:)


  1. I said "hi!" =D
    Okay, only meet you on Saturday at the convention.
    I found your blog when I was looking up star wars universe research for my character, and got to Zayne.
    you drew a quick sketch of Zayne for me and I wanted to thank you for it. =)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! How'd you like the show? I really liked it. This was only my second time going. I think it's a pretty good convention. I hope the sketch I did turned out nice. I did a lot of sketching. I wish I had scans of some of them. Maybe in my next post, when I post about the con I'll ask anyone who got a sketch from me to scan it and send it to me if they can.